Wednesday, December 3, 2014

SPOILERS: Gotham Academy #3

For those who read a good deal of the Gotham related books, some things may or may not be coming together surrounding the mystery that plagues Gotham's prestigious preschool.

The Spoilers:

It's been a couple of days after Olive interrupted that ritual the secret society known as "The Order of the Bats" was attempting to conduct, now sightings of a ghost who many believe to be Millie Jane Cobblepot have increased, and the faculty knows something is going on, increasing their efforts to keep kids away from the North Hall of the school.

So now, with some spooky shit going on, Olive and Pomeline, who figures Olive is cool since she didn't rat them out, decide to look into whatever is going on, and decide to head to the North Hall at night. The day prior to them going on a ghost hunt includes a serious talk between Olive and Kyle, where she reveals that her mother was in a "hospital" that "collapsed" over the summer, and now is in a coma, possibly a permanent one (see: Arkham Manor #2). So Kyle agrees to give Olive space, but asks her not to push Maps away as well.

So, Maps is recruited for the ghost hunting trip, along with the "school liar" Colton, who is good at breaking and entering. A couple spottings of suspicious characters later (one being the Twilight looking dude, the other being a pair of glowing eyes in the North Hall) and Olive, Maps, Pom and Colton make their way to the rundown and extensively fire damage north hall... with a Bat watching...

Once they're in the North Hall, Olive starts to have flash backs, believing she had been there before. Olive sees flashes of fire and of the Bat, but keeps everything to herself, as the group comes across a giant pit in the floor, with a strange marking near it. Pom ends up accidentally dropping her phone into the hole, but doesn't seem to care as she has another... But Olive, who doesn't have the luxury of having the latest phone figures "hey man... free phone" and goes down to reach, only to have a fucked up looking corpse hand grab back at her own.


The Review:

Bit by bit, things are starting to come together, forming the larger picture. Earlier in the week, I responded to a tweet sent out by Brenden Fletcher in regards to Olive's mom and Arkham Manor, praising the use of the shared universe/continuity. I flat out love that shit, I love when you get a sense of a larger universe amongst the various books. There doesn't have to be a "buy this issue then buy that issue" crossover to achieve this sort of feeling, just connective tissue through characters and references, and a cohesive universe is formed. This issue, while not revealing any big point for another series like Arkham Manor did for this, still utilizes many elements from Batman Eternal, flat out confirming some, and leaving other elements up for discussion. We learn that Olive's mom was locked in Arkham Asylum when it was destroyed during Batman Eternal, but it doesn't stop there... Remember, some supernatural shit destroyed Arkham Asylum, and now Gotham Academy is plagued with a ghost... So, while this is up for debate, it seems that whatever is wrong at the school in terms of ghosts, could very well be a result for Deacon Blackfire's attempt to resurrect himself from Hell... and that is why this book is great, because it picks up threads and uses them to sew itself into Gotham as a whole. There was a lot of risk with this book, new characters across the board, completely different style from anything else, but this series, more so than any other new Gotham book, has done an absolutely perfect job of utilizing Gotham itself and fitting in that world.

One minor gripe though, each issue has had a different supporting colorist, and while there's a general sense of unity across the three issues, you can start to see little differences here and there that can be a minor annoyance at times... and I'm talking real minor

But screw that nitpick nonsense, this book continues to be fantastic!

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  1. Does anyone else wonder if Damien will make appearances in this title is it just me?