Wednesday, December 24, 2014

SPOILERS: Catwoman Annual #2

We get to know the new Catwoman on the block, the daughter of Gotham's Yakuza leader, Eiko Hasigawa.

The Spoilers:

Eiko has a tense relationship with her Yakuza father, and I'm not sure why, but nevertheless, it's tense. One day Catwoman screws up a deal her family had going down, so Eiko's father wants her to find out who Catwoman is and all that good stuff. Eiko's got a cousin who is also a potential Yakuza heir... so he's there... Um... Catwoman goes missing, and through Eiko's fascination with her, she somehow figures out that Catwoman is Selina Kyle when Selina takes over the Calabrese crime family.

So with Catwoman gone... Eiko's cousin gets sent back to Japan after some screw up... Eiko dresses up like Catwoman to mess with her father's business... The cousin gets killed by her father... Eiko is mad and still Catwoman.


The Review:

I had one hope for this issue and that was for Eiko's existence and current state of being "Catwoman" be given a valid reason to be, so to speak... and well, nope, that didn't happen. Not for me, at least. I wanted this issue to give me a reason to care about Eiko, who up until this point, I thought was felt very extraneous to an overall good story about Selina taking over the criminal underworld. Half way through the issue, I just couldn't find myself connecting with Eiko at all, thus couldn't even start to care that she's pretending to be Catwoman, and a pretender is all she's ever going to be in my book. So with my lack of investment, a good deal of convoluted Yakuza politics, and a character I just flat out don't care about, it shouldn't come as a surprise that I just sort of glazed over most of this issue. I find Eiko's involvement in this entire story to be unnecessary, and believe it would be just as good, or a stronger story if it focused mainly on Selina and her new position, rather than some pretender character (whose probably going to disappear in a couple of months) acting like she's Catwoman.

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