Wednesday, December 17, 2014

SPOILERS: Catwoman #37

Selina's first big test as head of the underworld comes flying at her, courtesy of the Black Mask.

The Spoilers:

So, Selina's cousin Nick is a snitch, then got caught and exposed by Black Mask. After some tense conversation with that Mason guy (who's working with Mask), Selina hears the news, and now all eyes are on her to see how she'll deal with it. The families want blood, and well, there's really no other options. 

Selina speaks with Nick, who knows his own fate, so afterwards, Selina grants Nick's sister the duty of carrying out the job. Antonia takes Nick to a house they used to go to when they were kids, have a chat about the past, then boom.

Back in Gotham, Eiko questions Selina about everything and how she could allow it to happen, but Selina's in a position where she has to, there's no way she can allow Nick to live, with the families all wanting it dealt with. She does promise Eiko one thing, that she'll make the Black Mask pay for everything.

The next day, Selina makes a few things complicated for the Detective Nick was snitching too, and informants inform some people about something as a result... I don't know.


The Review:

Sorry, I'm a little short on time, so I might be quickening things up about. ANYWAYS... Another solid read, well illustrated on both the art and colors front. I'll say that I was a little confused as the prior issue sort of crossed a few wires for me, I thought Selina had organized the snitching as some way to tip the cops off to the heroine she was supposed to move the the Yakuza, I thought people knew this was a thing, so when this issue came around, it was just one of those instances where I had to go back for further clarification. I will say that it's interesting to see Selina be put in these situations where she has to be this cold blooded, will be fun to see how that sort of changes her as the arc goes on and she gets a chance at Black Mask. Then there's Eiko... not sure what the point of her is  yet... But like I said, another solid issue.

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