Wednesday, December 31, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #39

Riddler may have given the big bad away in this issue, in true Riddler fashion. Shouldn't come as a surprise if it is who I think it is, simply because at a point, logical process of elimination only points to like one guy who'd make any sense in the context of current continuity, barring someone who has never been used before, which is probably highly unlikely.

The Spoilers:

So, there's that Riddler code from WAAAAAY back, Tim figures out what it says, Bruce figures out what it means, no point in explaining it, but Bruce finds Riddler in an abandoned ski resort outside of Gotham.

In Gotham, Vicki is talking to the Gazette Crime Editor, Warren, about her story on Bard, and how conflicted she is with it. Despite the GCPD probably intending to cite conflict of interests with Vicki and Bard's previous relationship, he urges her to go through with the story anyways, as he's started to connect a few points with all the infrastructure interference that's been going on to agitate Gotham.

Then elsewhere in Gotham, someone intercepts the caravan carrying many of Gotham's worst criminals, including the group just captured, and even invites Catwoman to the fun, handing over all of Batman's tech to them, on one condition: That they go wild with it.

Back in the mountains, Bruce eventually finds Riddler, who claims the scheme playing out now is messy and beneath him, and tells Batman a story about a monk and an echo or something, which ends with the line "You are echo." Bruce isn't in the mood for games, and demands Riddler just to tell him, which isn't going to work out, but nevertheless, Riddler claims he already has told him. Bruce gets a bit violent, and when he tells Riddler he's coming back to Gotham, Riddler takes issue with that, sets off some bombs and causes an avalanche.

Back in Gotham, Warren is closer to putting the pieces together, until he's randomly shot in front of Vicki by some intern who was working for him, who says she wasn't supposed to be there, but oh well.


The Review:

If you've read any of my thoughts on this series for the past... I don't know, two months, you'll be sure to know that my number one complaint current is how much this book is dragging its feet, accomplishing nothing. This issue, not so much... but the problem is that what this issue (possibly) reveals is in the form of Riddler dialogue, so there's a chance that the revelation I think it made is completely wrong and I got nothing out of this issue... But for the sake of argument, let's say I'm right, and this issue actually progressed things a bit forward.

The key to the Riddler's story is the phrase "You are echo," which can be shorted to "You're echo," which sounds exactly like "Your echo." Whose the number one logical choice for big bad in this story? Lincoln March. Bruce's echo, or dark reflection. Riddler also says something about the answer being right in front of Batman, what's right in front of you when you look in the mirror? Uh-huh... Then of course there's a fucking owl on the cover of this issue, and that's an animal that isn't used lightly in Bat books nowadays. We've also got the owl on the teaser from Thanksgiving, and the book's been taking place at Willowood these past few issues. So yeah, probably Lincoln March.

So, if all that is true, HEY! The book progressed things just a bit, in the Riddler's own way. So that's good. That said, I thought the ending was kind of lame. Some nameless intern just shoots the editor... Alright. No attention was paid to the intern at all past one panel earlier in the issue where he's just told to go home, so the last page just comes off as completely random instead of shocking... and if last week's Batman Annual is anything to go by, Warren's fine. I'm just guessing the intern is wearing the EMP mask which pops up in Snyder connected books every now and then.

SO... Better issue than what we've gotten recently, hopefully things continue to pick up from here to the conclusion.


  1. The same arguments that you exposed could be applied to Owlman. Isn’t Owlman an echo of Batman on Earth-3? Isn’t Owlman the dark reflection of Bruce Wayne? The owl in the cover??? OWLMAN!!! However I agree with you that is probably Lincoln March simple because Batman and Owlman had not have any interaction in the New 52. Still, if Owlman is the answer it would be a total mind-f*ck!

    1. Earth 3 Owlman is a Geoff Johns character at the moment. Snyder using him would make no sense both in and out of the comic.

  2. I actually thought the intern at the end looked like James Gordon, Jr, myself. I'm kind of hoping he turns out to be the Big Bad, would explain why he went for Gordon first...

  3. I thought that the "echo" might also refer to an actual echo, since Batman is asking "WHO sent that invitation? WHO's behind the attacks on Gotham?" And "who" is pretty much the Court of Owls' catchphrase, so I'm thinking Lincoln March plus the Court are a safe bet.

    1. Remember, March is an enemy of the Court. They brought him in, so he wasn't a "legacy" member, then he killed a bunch of their higher council members as seen in Batman #10. I think in Talon, he was referred to (not by name) as a betrayer or something.

  4. Seriously the issue 30s have tanked the story. #28 was true it was a turning point were synder and his team decided to stop impressing us and tell stories that truely should be I. One comic(29-39 could easily be 29-33 if u really think things threw). So true it has to be Lincoln or the court since ra's is dead (again) joker isn't coming till endgame and hush is tightly locked(probably). and I doubt it's nygma because if it is true Bruce should stop bothering with secret Identities since every villian and their gramma is figuring it out. So 13 issues left and does everyone else feel that the majority of the cast feel like they are now just in the book because they are bat charecters and to fill space to make the book look large in scale.

  5. Tt. I've been saying it's Lincoln March ever since the Eternal issue that ended with Batman saying, "Who? Who?" The use of Willowwood in recent issues just clinched it. It's clearly somebody who knows Bruce Wayne is Batman, and look at what this person behind it all has done and attacked. What was Bruce Wayne looking to do in the Court of Owls arc? Rebuild parts of Gotham, including the Narrows. The Narrows have the nanomachine virus. Batman's bat bunkers are destroyed by Hush, just like Batman destroyed the owls' nests. His inheritance was stripped away from him. Lincoln is trying to drive Bruce into the pain he felt all his life, perceiving that he was the forgotten Wayne child. Powerless and broken. It's clearly Lincoln March.