Wednesday, December 17, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #37

SO, what's new in Batman Eternal this week? Villains? Check! Ghosts? Check! Other stuff?! Check!

The Spoilers:

I'm just going to run down the events of this issue...

Selina is still the boss, but the Ghost Dragons don't want in, so they attack and are dealt with.

Ghosts from Arkham followed Batwing back home.

Batman is looking for all the villains who escaped Arkham, has a confrontation with Killer Croc at the docks, but leaves him alone. Woman dressed up like Catwoman asking if he wants revenge.

Bane, Freeze, Clayface, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow and Joker's Daughter are all hiding out together, trying to come up with a plan to get out to the city. Bane wants no part, but Scarecrow gets him to stay with the promise of improving the venom formula. That night while most are sleeping, Ivy convinces Bane to ditch everyone else and take her with him, because she's a better chemist than Crane. 

Unfortunately for the villains, Selina had a camera on them, and as proof of being on the same side, she tells Batman that she's about to hand them all over to him, gift wrapped.

Ghosts still haunting Luke, no one likes Jason Bard anymore.


The Review:

The shift in focus this issue saw just confused the hell out of me. With everything going on, Batman just decides to go on a hunt for the regular rogues? I guess maybe it's because he has no fucking clue who is after him, and still thinks it could be any of them? I don't know, there's just a weird divide between content and reader comprehension. I'm sitting here going "it's none of them, so why are we wasting time?" but, of course, Batman doesn't know that. On top of that, wasn't a fan of the art this issue. Reminded me of just your average Dynamite style stuff... people look like people, no defining style, just sort of serviceable. Just another "eh" issue for me, unfortunately.

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  1. I was personally fine with the change in direction and Batman handling some other problems, but I agree with you on the art. It was just serviceable. After so many good or at the very least, unique, looking art styles on the book, we get this? Looks more like art that belongs with Futures End.