Wednesday, December 10, 2014

SPOILERS: Batgirl #37

There's a new-new Batgirl in town and well... well, the masses don't react well to the reveal, which, shouldn't be surprising given you know... this.

The Spoilers:

Sparkly Batgirl and her Batbabe friends are doing some very un-Batgirl like things, including robbing people, drinking and driving, as well as causing general chaos in the streets of Burnside, something the real Batgirl doesn't quite like, especially when the sparkly leader, who gets away, is doing it in her name.

Seems Batgirl is blowing up in more ways than one, as a mysterious artist named Dagger Type is opening a Batgirl art exhibit, which Babs has to check out given all the weirdness that's been going on around her lately. The exhibit ends up being quite the experience for Babs, looking at all sorts of photos of a woman pretending to be a provocative version of her... speaking of provocative, how about that one photo of Batgirl slumped down in a wheelchair? That certainly hits close to home, and even the still-being-sort-of-an-asshole Black Canary ends her delight in Babs' embarrassment when she gets to that one.

So, Babs decides to find Dagger Type, but he's nowhere to be found, as he's one of those artists no one knows. When all is thought lost, Babs remembers something about Dagger Type's photos, and realizes the poses his Batgirl were in was a message in sign language, saying to meet under the Burnside bridge that night.

Sure enough, Sparkly-Batgirl and her henchwomen are waiting for the real Batgirl, and long story short, the new Batgirl isn't so much a girl, as she is a dude, Dagger Type specifically, dressing up like Batgirl, and claiming to be the one who will take Babs' place as soon as she's dead, which he thinks he accomplishes when she falls off the bridge into the water.

So, Dagger Type sends out an invitation to all of Burnside saying he's going to reveal Batgirl's identity, Babs having lost her cowl, has to show up as a civilian to watch the show, where Dagger Type reveals himself to be Batgirl, which no one buys, and starts booing. Dagger Type doesn't take this well and opens fire, because he mad. Babs ends up storming him, using a blinding flash on her phone (made by Qadir, earlier) and takes him backstage to demand to know why he had the photo of Batgirl in the wheelchair. Dagger Type reveals that someone asked for that image specifically, the same someone who promised him he'd be the new Batgirl once he killed the old one. So, there's something deeper going on.

With Dagger Type out of the way, Babs decides to do some brand rehabilitation, and puts out a photo of herself, the real Batgirl, out for all of Burnside to see and know... Black Canary is still snarky.


The Review:

Couple of things to get out of the way, just minor things I'm either kind of at a loss at or don't like. First, since when is Frankie dealing with some sort of physical disability? She shows up with crutches  you'd usually see someone dealing with MS with, but the only mention of them was her coding for a while... or something? I went back in the past two issues to see if I had just missed this, but no, she's walking around normally in those. This isn't a good/bad thing, I'm just confused.

But as for something I don't particularly enjoy, it's Black Canary. I vaguely know what happened in the last Birds of Prey volume, and I say vaguely because I tend not to pay much attention to garbage. I understand she and Babs had a falling out of sort, and it (unfortunately) carried over to this series, before the whole "I accidentally burned your place down" thing, but MAN, she's starting to get sort of annoying. You know that episode of South Park where Stan, Kyle and Kenny just realize Cartman's an asshole and wonder why they even continue to acknowledge him? Yeah, Canary is starting to feel like Cartman here, minus the Jew jokes. She's just being a total dick most of the time, and it's not really that entertaining in context, nor is it enjoyable to me, as someone who generally likes the character, despite her being royally fucked up by the New 52. I just kind of hope that whole angle stops sooner rather than later. 

But on to the good, more eccentric villains is always a good thing in my book! All three of these issues have introduced endearingly goofy villains, each unique in their own weird way, who I really want to see team up now in some new anti-Batgirl super villain team. Douchebag revenge porn DJ, anime twins, eccentric artist who claims to be friends with Kanye West? Yeah, team up please, that'll be fun... and bring Kanye while you're at it. While it's true this issue has a sugary, entertaining coating, there does happen to be a good deal of stuff going on under the surface. Someone has it out for Babs, that we know, but they laid down the gauntlet this issue and pissed her off, so while the book's new direction has taken a lighter tone in general, I'm greatly looking forward to Babs getting a bit serious when she ends up dealing with whoever is after her. It's just nice to see that there will be something more past the glitz and glam this book has taken up as of late.

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  1. I like when you put a panel or two from the issue in the review. Will you be doimg that in the future?