Wednesday, December 24, 2014

SPIOLERS: Arkham Manor #3

For all those who are tired of Batman being Batgod and knowing everything all the time, well have I got a story for you, because man, Batman has got NO idea what's going on in the Manor on so many different levels.

The Spoilers:

After a trip to the medical ward, and a knocked out doctor later, Batman/Jack Shaw is now pretending to be an Arkham Staffer, and goes on the search for Mr. Zsasz, who he believes attacked that Seth Wickham character. Speaking of Seth, Dr. Border (HAHAHA) is wheeling his crazy ass out to an ambulance, until he falls into a sink hole and gets bitten by a bunch of rats. Long story short there, Seth makes it out of the hole, claiming to be "awake" and when the ambulance arrives at the hospital, it crashes in the front door, with the staffers' throats slit and Seth nowhere to be found.

Back at Arkham, Bruce has followed a fake wall into the guts of the home, in search of Zsasz... who he finds, but damn near death, and clearly not the one killing everyone. That'd be the creepy guy in the construction hat who attacks, but makes an escape after briefly blinding Bruce with his lights. Needing to get Zsasz medical help, Bruce can't follow his attacker, and delivers Zsasz to Dr. Arkham's desk.

Remember the mute old guy who Bruce figured out was someone else last issue, then told Border? Well, time for Border to check up on his patient, but Border is tired being Border, and decides to dress in something more... casual. Also, the old guy is actually Clayface, because, I don't fuckin' know, so Joker infects him with some Joker stuff and now a monstrosity who Joker calls Clownface is loose in the asylum, while he goes to prepare his Endgame... SEE WHAT I DID THERE!?


The Review:

Well, I liked that they finally pulled the Border/Joker trigger... I say "finally" even though it was only three issues... whatever. I was concerned that they were going to go a full half a year here without really addressing it, even though everyone would have known for so long. I'm finding this book's juggling of plots to be handled pretty well, we've got the Joker stuff, the mystery of whoever is killing the inmates and now this Seth character seems to be on some weird shit, so he's become something more than the throwaway character he was made out to be last month. All these plots are generally pretty interesting and now that we know this is essentially a mini series, it'll be fun to see how they're all delivered upon/wrapped up in the end. I'd like to hope that despite this book's limited shelf-life, something more comes from the ending when all is said and done. Only thing that really disappointed me this issue was the old guy/Clayface thing. That was just an underwhelming reveal with no real depth to it.


  1. is it too much to ask for a book that doesn't need reading the main Snyder's Batman series???