Thursday, December 11, 2014

Scott Snyder Reddit AMA Highlights

Last night, Batman writer Scott Snyder held yet another Reddit AMA, this time more DC focused. Amidst unanswered questions about the rumored The Dark Knight Returns 3 (because that TOTALLY would have been confirmed in a Reddit comment) he did give a few hints as to what's coming up in Gotham... next summer... thanks, Obama Convergence.

What was talked about? Well, first off all, go ahead and confirm Batman Eternal 2 again. Scott mentioned that year two would be pretty different in "story and scope." Given my recent feelings towards the series, hopefully the pacing and overly padded middle section will see a big overhaul.

Speaking of Batman Eternal, both Stephanie Brown and Harper Row will both be sticking around following the conclusion of the first year. Snyder points out that we should look towards June to see what he's talking about. What's so special about June? Well, it's the first post-Convergence month for DC, but it isn't Convergence which will prompt the big changes Snyder teased, instead it will be Endgame. Snyder mentions that Batman will have one "very big" change coming in June, with multiple smaller ones supporting it. I'll throw in a personal guess here: I bet DC is going to have a big New 52 rebranding in June. They've got to. They'd be stupid not to, honestly. That said, don't expect a total reboot like some seem to think is going to happen, and following up from Endgame is proof enough of that. Sorry, pre-New 52 ain't coming back.

As for some odds and ends, turns out Eric Border being the Joker was the plan from day one, and they actively didn't want to hint at it too much... I think they could have done it a little more without getting into the too obvious territory, but oh well, it was a good reveal nonetheless. Finally, Snyder has a Batman project lined up with artist Sean Murphy, which... Okay, I'm not going to flat out say it, because it's not my announcement to make, but it should be pretty damn obvious what that's going to be, it's just a matter of scheduling, especially for Murphy, whose going to be quite busy with his Mark Millar and Rick Remender Image projects.

That's about it for the big notes. Plenty of other stuff to read through including updates of American Vampire: Second Cycle's status and more. Worth the read, and didn't completely spoil anything... although I was skimming to make sure I read nothing specific about Endgame, hah.

(Source: Reddit)


  1. Yeah, I'm not really excited for another year of Batman Eternal at all. I like most of the people involved with it, but it somehow manages to feel as though it's trying to take on too much at once while also seeming like they're treading water a lot. I also don't quite understand how it's a celebration of Batman's 75th when it seems so cynical about the character as a whole. But oh well, I guess we'll see how it goes.

  2. Since you brought it up, are you going to cover any of the Batman Convergence books?