Saturday, November 29, 2014

Stack Rundown, 11/29/2014

November and me remembering to read comics has been pretty bad... not aided by Thanksgiving this week, I actually forgot about them this week, not just lacked the time to read.

Deathstroke #2

I’m not sure why I’m reading this still, even the second issue in. I think just seeing Harley Quinn on a couple of covers was enough to get me to read until that point. Yeah, I’m a mark. So, where are we… Deathstroke is young again, because magic? And there’s this guy whose after him, so this other guy wants Deathstroke to go after that guy… so that’s why he was made young again? He’s all “I feel alive” even though Deathstroke had no problem kicking people’s asses when he was older and had one eye. Hey, there’s Bronze Tiger and Lady Shiva, then his son Jericho… I’m pretty sure something happened to him in the last volume, but by the end of that book, the stuff with Slade’s kids was such a fucking mess. Yeah, I don’ know. Story’s not great, not terrible either. This is sort of a guilty pleasure book for me, I guess, because I really do enjoy Tony Daniel’s art. So, I guess I’ll still give it to Harley.

Secret Avengers #10

This book is getting weird, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone. Some “Great Culling” is coming, SHIELD is getting invaded, Black Widow is missing, Caulson’s gone on a straight up PSTD freak-out/not freak-out, MODOK is manipulating everything, so on and so on. A lot of big shit is going down, but the unfortunate thing is, since no one reads this book (comparatively speaking), I’m sure that once this comes to its inevitable end, it’ll totally be forgotten in the grand scheme of things, which is really unfortunate, given that it’s a damn smart book. Oh well, seems like the big shitstorm is right around the corner, and I’m looking forward to it.

Rasputin #2

I really like this book stylistically speaking, but man, both these issues feel like they’re lacking content, you can breeze right through them. Las night I was watching TV, a commercial break hit, I had my iPad next to me and just started reading, figuring I’d have to pause when the show came back from commercial… Nope, read this all in the time of a regular commercial break. Granted, there was more dialogue in this issue than the first, but I still blew by it. I do like the approach to this book though, introducing the friends that’ll eventually turn on and try to kill Rasputin, I do wonder how it’ll work in the long run… Have to imagine this first arc/volume would be going back and forth between the scene of his murder in the present, and flashbacks, then in the second, if there is one, they move past it with a larger story. But hey, what do I know? I’m just a reader.

C.O.W.L. #6

This was a special sort of one off issue that departs from the book’s usual tone to tell a flashback in the form of a comic that would have been released in the book’s time period. We get the origin of the Grey Raven and see where a man who once had a very boy scout moral code, could have been influenced in the past to turn into the shades of grey sort of guy he is now. While I probably would have rather preferred to have a regular issue this month, I do have to say that I appreciate the dedication to style this issue took, from the art to the retro ads for current Image books, overall it was a pretty cool read.

ODY-C #1

This… this was weird. I like Matt Fraction, I think the concept of gender-bending the Odyssey is interesting, and the art and colors looked unique, so, this would be right up my alley, right? Well… not necessarily. I’m going to have to go back and read this one, that’s for sure. I’ve forgotten a lot about the Odyssey, so I might need a refresher, but also, the Comixology release was missing a lot of pages/supplemental material initially, so there’s that. What really thew me off on this book was how it was told… It borrows a lot of the narrative style of the actual poem, using caption boxes to narrate everything, sparsely using actual dialogue boxes, and that just didn’t work for me, as I don’t believe it fit the comic format well. That sort of exposition worked in the original poem, because that’s just how it was, but with the comic leaning on it so much, and using so many words that can only be described as flavor text, it’s so easy to get lost in what the fuck is being said. I’ll give the issue a second go at it, but I can’t say I’m confident in wanting to pick up the second. If the book shifts to a show don’t tell tone, and just tells the story through character actions without the excessive exposition in the narrative, maybe I’ll get on board, but right now, I can’t say that I will. 

Sundowners #4

Well, things didn’t go nearly as poorly in this issue as last month would have lead me to believe. I mean, one of the characters is still OD’ing pretty bad and woke up to a total freak-out, but with where #3 left off, I guess you’ll take any win you can get. I think I’m finally starting to get this series, as this issue featured what is I guess the “bad guy” (in a traditional sense, discounting how fucked up and weird everything is in this series) sort of doing the explanation thing. We got the illuminati… sorta, who aren’t a bunch of skull and bones business men doing shady shit, but more of a sort of They Live people hiding amongst us, manipulating society as they see fit to… better them in a way? Yeah, it’s real weird, and where the characters of this book fall in make it even weirder, but something about it all is pretty appealing. I have a feeling that this book would be better suited read in chunks (trades) but hell, I’ll keep supporting it monthly and go back when there’s enough issues to read.

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  1. I didn't expect Deathstroke to bring in the kids so soon, so I'm excited for the craziness that'll bring!