Saturday, November 22, 2014

Stack Rundown, 11/22/2014

Thanks to work, Dragon Age, GTA, and then some more Dragon Age, I sorta forgot about comics this week. I didn't even finish reading the last three books I needed to until this morning, and then I wrote everything within the last hour. Totally a getting shit done sort of morning... but fuck, I need to never do that again on a week when two Grant Morrison books come out.

The Multiversity: Pax Americana #1

Uuuuuuuuh, what? Well, not really, but this was one Morrison-ass, Morrison book, that’s for sure. This month we’ve got Grant Morrison joined by the amazing Frank Quietly doing their take on Watchmen, no shame about it. You might already know that Watchmen is based off of Charlton Comics characters, but for whatever reason, Moore couldn’t read them… and since the two have a shit talking habit about each other, Morrison basically went “HAHA, fuck you, I get to use them!” and did his own Watchmen. It’s a trippy book, fucking surprise, right? You can read it the way it’s presented, apparently you can read it backwards, or you could take the individual scenes and read them in chronological order, it’s that kind of crazy ass book. I’m not going to pretend I *got it* entirely, this is one of those issues that’s going to take some re-reads, but man… was it good, especially the art. Also, I found it kind of funny that this issue seemed to have dick-all to do with Multiversity, or maybe it did, and I just didn’t get it. Either way, fantastic issue… I THINK!

Justice League #36

Damn you Geoff Johns for taking Jason Fabok away from the Bat office! As you can tell by that last sentence, this was Fabok’s first issue, and god damn he draw other characters than Batman well. In fact, you look at Wonder Woman here, and you look at Wonder Woman in the Finch’s new issue, and I think it’s safe to say the student has surpassed the teacher. As much as I hate to say it, Fabok definitely needs to be on this book, because there was nowhere to go in the Bat office, and the dude has definitely worked his way to the top of DC’s art talent. Unless Marvel snatches him up, I’d expect to see Fabok draw an event title in the next couple of years. As for the story… I don’t know, virus based on Amazo got out, sure, whatever. The more interesting bit is learning who the person that’s out for Luthor is… you know that could be a good final full page Geoff Johns reveal… or it could be underwhelming and take the place of the countless unresolved plot lines this book has got.

Avengers & X-Men: Axis #6

Again, this book is decent, but it’s just still sort of disappointing to me. You got your good guys turned bad and bad guys good, the X-Men take over manhattan and are doing the whole Apocalypse thing, and its up to the badges and a few still normal good guys to stop them, woo. This was a weird issue, simply because it spent a good deal of time jumping around from character to character just to illustrate how they’ve changed, it was just a bunch of vignettes basically, and none of them really contributed much more than “yeah, they’re all dicks.” At this point, as much as love Rick Remender’s “Uncanny” Marvel work, I’m gonna say this has been a disappointment, and I’m looking forward to what happens after this in the new Uncanny Avengers… Although, solicits make it seem like it’s another alternate Planet X situation, and if that’s the case, then what the fuck? Again? I don’t know, we’ll see, hopefully the last third of this story really brings it all home.

Black Widow #12

Okay, at this point, I think I’m out on this book. It’s been telling the same story for a year’s worth of issues, and it has barely gotten anywhere with it. What’s frustrating is more often than not, the full issue’s contents just tell a one-off story that doesn’t really have anything to do with anything, other than allowing some contextual narration to happen. Like this issue, Nat just wants to blow off some steam so she goes on a mission with those black ops guys from The Punisher, and then Anderson Cooper is in the issue doing a report on her, because why the fuck not? Of course, something big happens within the last three pages of the issue, but that’s the problem, this book just seems to want to tell the real story three pages at a time each month, and it’s just fucking frustrating. It hurts to drop the book, because I love the art and there’s clear potential here, but I just can’t deal with it anymore.

X-Force #12

Yeah, with February’s solicitation all but saying it, and then this being the issue where everything falls to shit, this book is gone next year. God damn it. WHY YOU NO READ GOOD X-MEN BOOKS, PEOPLE? But like I said, everything went to shit this issue. Cable was exposed to be playing everybody, feelings got hurt, Cable learned about Hope, then Fantomex came and just fucked everybody up. I can’t say I’ve really kept up pace with Spurrier’s Fantomex this whole time, but god damn if he doesn’t make a good villain to this book about broken people, and he is the brokest… that’s not a word. You know what was also good about this issue? FUCKIN DOMINO. Too bad she came in late, but Betsy’s observation of her and the exchange the two had where they basically said “Go fuck yourself and die, loves you” was well worth the wait. Good issue… I’ll say the color sort of threw me. Marvel uses Jose Villarrubia on books where I just don’t think his style/tone really fits. Villarrubia does wonders with artists like Jeff Lemire, but he’s done work on this book and Uncanny X-Men, and it just doesn’t seem to fit, because it has a sort of water colored look to it, where the books he’s filling in on have more bold/striking colors.

Deadpool #37

I think this may be the only Axis tie-in I’m reading, and it’s pretty entertaining as this book tends to be, with tons of good comedy bits, but I’ve got to say that I’m a little disappointed with it dealing with the Faux-X-Men from North Korea in a danger room against the inverted regular X-Men. I mean… it’s just whatever. When we first got a glimpse of the Zenpool guy, it was a bunch of issues back when this series was doing some pretty crazy shit. The book has always been a greater sum than it’s parts, so I had high expectations of what that monk Deadpool was going to be about, but now that I know it’s just sort of “The good guys are bad and the bad guys are good” I’m just sort of finding this to be lackluster, with Axis as a whole. This is just simply a case of me wanting more out of a title, and granted, the way this book goes, that could be delivered in the very next issue, but I don’t know… Axis just isn’t as striking as I’d have hoped. 

Deadly Class #9

Well, who didn’t see the Marcus/Saya thing coming? The bit in the back before the letters makes for an interesting point, Marcus is sort of seeing Saya as the perfect girl, simply because he doesn’t know anything about her, thus sort of makes her up to be something ideal… and then they tease what happens when he (and the readers) learns about Saya and who she is, which is certainly foreboding. This issue was just sort of the calm before the storm issue, as Marcus and company are about to go after Fuckface, which is one hell of a storm, and of course now, the girl stuff is going to create an even bigger storm down the line, that’s for sure. You know what the one bit, that wasn’t even that big of a deal, but made me really like this issue was? The fact that we got to see the kids in class and what it’s like for them. That’s what this series has been missing, the actual school element of it. Hope we see more in the future, maybe even an arc that’s school focused.

Zero #12

I’m on similar ground with this series as I am with Black Widow, only it’s because this particular book is just so obtuse. It’s one of those books where I can see the promise and the appeal, but it’s structure isn’t something that really speaks to me. Sometimes an issue can really move character beats forward, which half of this issue did, and sometimes an issue can just be a near textless visual piece, which either be a work of art or self indulgent, pick one. Then there’s the parts where it just confuses me, people are talking and I just sort of zone out, which is what happened to me with the other half of this particular issue. Something about some crazy fungus… some guy whose immune to it… did something to his family… yeah, sure. It’s not the good kind of confusion where I want to go back and read more, like Pax Americana, it’s the bad “I’m confused and whatever… I don’t really care anyways” kind. So yeah… I’m probably out on this one too.

Revival #25

Well, this book is always good for a nice shocker of a scene every couple of issues. Remember that little girl slicing her eyelids off? That sure was fucked up, but how about a bunch of cultish midwesterners crucifying a lady who can’t die as a protest? That sure is fucked up! Some fairly big events happened in this issue, mainly the town learning about the government facility holding the “bad” revivers, which also creates a rift between Dana (the town) and Ibrahaim (the CDC), so you know, TRUST ISSUES AND WHAT NOT.  The one thing I’m sort of lost on, which isn’t anything new with this book, is the John Doe reviver who is a Native American… totally fucking lost on that. I really need to go back and figure out what his deal was… But this is always what sort of happens with this book and me… I love it, think it’s great, but there’s always one plotline that I don’t pay enough attention to, and end up getting totally confused by the time it starts to come to fruition.

Invincible #115

So, there’s been some weird behind the scenes issues with this book apparently, delays, and a new colorist… So the new issue finally comes out… and it’s over in about five minutes. That’s what you get with a big fight issue that uses double page spreads a lot. I mean, I can appreciate that Ryan Ottley action and gore, but it’s just a bummer that when I got to the end of the issue, my first thought was to count the pages and make sure it was actually 20. Not much story other than the ol’ Gran Regent hooking up with the entire planet of aliens where Oliver’s mother came from… So that means a bunch of fast growing kids for him. Viltrumite War 2?

Annihilator #3

As if one batshit crazy Morrison book wasn’t enough this week, here comes another. I really like this book, but it’s gotten to the point where I’m going to need to read it all in one sitting to fully digest it. The problem is, the story that is being told within the story, that of Max’s “escape” that may or may not be more than just a screenplay, is really fucking out there. I don’t fully get it month to month and with the gap between issues, every time a new one comes out, I just sort of have to remind myself what’s going on… and considering I never really got it all in the first place, that’s sorta hard to do. Regardless, what really keeps me going with this book month-to-month is the interaction between Max and Ray, outside the screenplay. Both are just so eccentric and that typical Morrison character way, and shit like scenes with them on the phone with Ray’s agent, just talking crazy are just god damn enjoyable. 


  1. I had a similar reaction to Pax Americana was similar to when Harley was sitting in front of the grave and figures out the Algorithm lol.
    I am excited to see how the Justice League handles the Amazo Virus, but I do have the same concern about who is behind it all.

  2. With the first storyline of the Uncanny Avengers relaunch being on Counter-Earth, it is not like Planet X, but is another planet like Earth. In the comics, the planets were created by different people and alternate versions of heroes exist in different forms. In the show, Spider-Man Unlimited, Counter Earth was an alternate Earth and was pretty popular with the Beastials and alternate versions of Spider-Man villains in animal form. I'm really looking forward to it and I'm guessing that the High Evolutionary is the main villain which will be really cool.