Saturday, November 15, 2014

Stack Rundown, 11/15/2014

The new Thor is probably the character I want it to be! There's a new Captain America! Then some spooooooooooky shit in the creator owned realm. That's pretty much it, this week.

Avengers & X-Men: Axis #5

So I was all “I don’t know what the point of this series is yet” and silly me, its “Lets have the Avengers and X-Men fight again!” DURH. Well, it’s a little more than that, but man, do I hope something more comes from it that’ll at least continue on in Remender’s new Uncanny Avengers volume. My problem with not seeing what the potential endgame here is that on the Avengers side, Marvel is already getting ready to move past whatever Axis ends with, and on the X-Men side, any changes, if at all, will probably go unread by me, because outside of X-Force, I find the X-Men line to be dreadfully boring and in serious lack of any creativity. So, that new Uncanny Avengers volume better be pretty awesome. But for this issue specifically, everyone’s being a dick, and the dick Avengers are about to fight the dick X-Men, with old Ass Captain America, Nomad, Magneto, Nova and Spider-Man being “WTF is wrong with these guys?” Spider-man definitely stole the show in his discussions with Nova about the other Avengers, then his descriptions of the attack they avoided… but I could have sworn that Spider-Man got inverted too? I thought I read a preview somewhere that had him being a dick to some cops or something. On the art side of things, I love Terry Doddson’s art, can’t say that enough, but it just felt a little weird to me given I don’t see his style as something that would fit one of these big serious event titles. So, that’s my thoughts, Axis gonna Axis, I guess. If there’s one thing I like, it’s how quick these issues have come out. If this was DC, it would have been six months to get to this point.

All-New Captain America #1

I’m a little surprised that this book didn’t launch as an Axis tie-in, but I guess that’s what the new Mighty Avengers is for, but I ain’t reading that! To tell you the truth, I’m kinda of glad it wasn’t a tie-in, because I think launching a book brand new as a tie-in is a kind of terrible idea! Whatever, so NEW CAP! And yeah… he’s new alright. Prior to the last Cap book, I hadn’t read any Sam Wilson, so this issue served as a good introduction, problem is, this is the first Marvel book I’ve read that has really dealt with Hydra so I’m just sort of “…” towards them. All I know is that they’re some sort of secret bad guys or something and they turned into a meme when The Winter Solider hit theaters. I thought this was a good issue in general, but it just sort of ended flat for me. I’m used to there being these big moments in Remender books where things change in a crazy way, but this just sort of ended on cliched shot of a room filled with bad guys. OH NO, the odds! But I guess Cap #25 hinted towards a hero being amongst Hydra, and we’ve got some incoming friction between Sam and Ian, so there’s all that to look forward to.

Thor #2

Okay, so Thor is probably Roz Solomon, the SHIELD agent who He-Thor had a crush on in the previous volume. Why? Because from page one, the inner monologue that isn’t all Norsed out, throws all the Freyja hints (red herrings) from last issue out the window, so Thor is clearly not Asgardian. Then we’ve got the whole Roxxon plot, and Thor saying she’s met Dario before, which is true, because Roz straight up decked his ass last volume, and had been fighting him with He-Thor the whole time. Then in the letters, someone lists out all the potential suspects they’ve got in mind, but didn’t include Roz, and Jason Aaron’s response was something along the lines of “Hmmm, you forgot one.” So, with all that in mind, it’s safe to say that I’m pretty confident it is Roz, and I’m happy, because like I said last month, she was one of my favorite parts of the last book, so I’d be more than happy to continue reading her as Thor. Naturally, I was a little more invested in this issue than I was the last, because I know (or at least think) it’s a character I want to read. I still don’t agree with the idea that they’re not going to reveal it anytime soon, because like I said last month, from my personal point of view, I’d rather know who I’m reading than have the book dick around for too long, because say it was Freyja, I would have ZERO interest in reading her, and would have been annoyed at the time and money I had spent with a book where my interest would had immediately bottomed out on. Hopefully they don’t dangle the carrot too much longer.

The Fade Out #3

I’m continuing to enjoy this series quite a bit, but I found this particular issue’s shift in focus a little jarring. Given the first two issues, you’d imagine that Charlie, the guy who found the dead starlet, would be the main focus of the book as would that mystery, but come this third issue, Charlie walks through a scene probably ones. Instead, this issue focused on the actress whose gonna replace the old one, and her drive to get to the top… Then there’s some stuff with the studio head and him not dealing with the death all that well, then there’s some other stuff, and I’m just sorta “I want more of whatever is happening with Charlie.” It’s not that any of this was bad, but for it to get so much focus so early, just seemed a little off. Fatale sort of held off a bit before that story splintered off and got all sorts of nuts. Now, I know this and Fatale are two different books, but given the creators and proximity of release, the comparison will be made. I don’t know, I’m just a reader, so really, what the fuck do I know?  I just feel like I would have enjoyed a solid arc of Charlie’s story first before these tangents started to be explored.

Wytches #2

So, turns out this book did pretty well for Scott Snyder and Jock, well deserved too, just a stellar first issue. So on to the second issue… still kind of unsettling! But not as much as the first… but it definitely had it’s moments. What’s really drawing me into this book is that there’s the obvious monster horror elements, but there’s also a really strong human component found with the Rooks family and Sailor in particular who has been marked, or “pledged” by the Wytches. You can definitely tell Snyder has put a lot of himself (mainly fears and anxieties) into this story with Sailor’s father, and how he just wants to protect his daughter. Snyder’s talked about this sort of stuff around Death of the Family, relating Bruce’s want to protect his “family” to his own wanting to protect his sons in real life. It comes off way more genuine here due to it being all new; this isn’t Gotham where countless stories have been told about Batman by countless writers, this is all Snyder and Jock, in their own horrific wonderland. Speaking of Jock, just like last month, his style matches the tone absolutely perfectly, and Hollingsworth’s colors sell it all. If there’s one thing that bugs me about the visuals, it’s all the splatters of color throughout. I just think that it looks kind of distracting on some pages, but that said, I can appreciate the full commitment to the look, as it establishes the book’s aesthetic look… just some pages it kinda bugs me, that’s all. 

Outcast #5

Still reading, still wanting just a bit more. I thought initially that this was the final issue in the firs arc, and was a bit underwhelmed, but turns out I was wrong and there’s at least one more. This book is still just sort of slow moving and it’s hard to say what the actual threat is other than just demons… Right now it’s just that, fucking demons. The one they encounter this time seems strong, but as of right now, he’s just a fucking demon. There’s obviously something more to this, like how the demon mentions Kyle being an “Outcast,” so… fucking give me that, tell me what that is! Just give me the hook already! Right now the book is just “there’s this guy who has dealt with demons all his life, fucked up his marriage, and now they’re back or something, I don’t know, fuck you” and that’s it. There’s got to be something more but this book just doesn’t want to seem to give it to the readers… it’s just like that asshole kid in the sandbox who won’t let anyone else play with the toys.


  1. I'd say that the new issue of Axis was okay, but I'd agree with Spider-Man stealing the show. Remender wrote him incredibly well. I don't really care much for the Avengers and X-Men fighting again. I know in the Time Runs Out storyline by Hickman, X Nation is mentioned and how mutants can't be taken from there because of certain rights mutants have now so somehow the mutants will have their own nation later. I assume that is what Manhattan may become unless they just rename Genosha.

    I know that the tagline for the new Uncanny Avengers is No More Mutants and it has a completely new roster except for Scarlet Witch and Rogue and there's four mutants on the roster ironically. I'm guessing the general public hates mutants even more after this and are happy letting them have a nation to be separate from everyone else. I don't see All New X-Men and Uncanny X-Men being that important even though they should be with this future X Nation. I know Red Onslaught will be back from solicitations in Axis, but I'm still looking a lot more forward to how Axis gets to that point of the relaunch even though I wish the event itself was better.

  2. During the Red Onslaught battle, Spidey was in New York to help control the riots Skull was inciting, so he wasn't on Genosha and inverted like the others. Now that I've cleared that up, I definitely want Remender on a Spidey book. Maybe after Secret Wars and a possible Marvel reboot, they could place him on Amazing.

  3. I agree with you that Wytches is so great because of the father/daughter relationship and that's what makes the ending work so well because it calls that connection into question.

  4. In re: Axis not mattering to Marvel's ongoing stories with respect to X-Men and The Avengers, I think that at least some of what will happen as a consequence of AXIS may bleed into Hickman's ongoing Avengers story. I don't think you're reading it -- the current "Time Runs Out" arc is set several months into the Marvel Universe's future -- and I get the feeling that at least some pieces of AXIS will be of consequence. So that's cool I guess. But yes, with respect to the X-line, I have no interest and no faith that it will result in anything remotely relevant or interesting. From my perspective, they're really letting that line just whither on the vine or go to seed or whatever agricultural analogy one could make.

    I don't remember whose theory it was -- maybe yours? -- but basically it was posited that AXIS was essentially just another one of Remender's "Uncanny Avengers" arcs but Marvel decided to blow it out and make an event out of it, because money. But I think you're right that it'll probably only have significant consequences for Remender's next volume of Uncanny Avengers. And that's really fine with me. At this point I appreciate that Remender is basically allowed to go play with the toys in his corner of the sandbox and tell his crazy ass stories even if they don't always have serious, lasting "continuity" consequences. As long as that continues, I'll be happy and keep reading his books.

    1. That was no theory, Remender said Axis was originally just an Uncanny Avengers arc, but kept getting bigger and bigger.

    2. Ha! There you go. Read too many comics interviews and rumors and soon it's tough to separate fact from fiction...