Saturday, November 1, 2014

Stack Rundown, 11/01/2014

Oddly enough, there was no Marvel books for me to read this week, I guess they just didn't try on that fifth week of the month. FOR SHAME. You know who did try? Image. Lots of Image books to talk about this week!

Wonder Woman #35

Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang’s time on Wonder Woman came to an end, and boo, that sucks. I could easily read another year of this book simply for Cliff Chiang’s art, so it’s a bummer that I won’t have any pages to look at from him for the time being. I had mixed feelings on the ending. I thought the Athena/Zola thing came out of fucking nowhere, and was a bit too deus ex machina-y for me, but it did make for a good final scene, I’ll give it that. There were a number of great scenes in this issue, especially the minotaur one. When the zero issue was released, who could have thought that Minotaur scene would have meant so much? Kinda wish this was an extra sized issue so some other things like Hippolyta status could have been wrapped up, along with giving some time to the gods who didn’t appear here, but oh well. Can’t say I’m going to continue on to the next creative team, nothing about it interests me. Just sounds like another Green Arrow situation… You’ve got creators who are real distinct with an equally distinct vision, then they leave, and the book just turns into another generic DC super hero book. Granted, I haven’t read anything, but everything that’s been said sounds like it’s just going to be an incredibly safe take on Wonder Woman, which is boring to me. So that’s one more DC book I’m not reading…

Swamp Thing Annual #3

Capucine’s story in Swamp Thing has been a bit odd at points… Well, not odd, just weirdly spaced out. She’s introduced… And that’s that… Then a couple months later we learn her deal, and thats that again for awhile, and now it’s just “And time to address that SHE’S DEAD!” She’s an interesting character who I think could have been utilized a bit better, but given the #36 preview, it seems she may be sticking around in the Green. Anyways, so yeah, this is the issue where she dies, and she’s got some deal with Etrigan… or curse, rather, so fights happen, rhymes are said, tricks are played. I’m not really an Etrigan fan or anything, but I will say that I did quite enjoy the part where he basically went “What, are my rhymes too smart for you? Fine, I’ll just flat out say it, moron.” Good stuff. But yeah, it was Capucine’s end… sorta. I hope she gets some sort of continued use, because like I said, she could have been utilized better.

Saga #24

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK, and then Saga went on another unbearable hiatus again… I guess the earliest it could come back is February? Shit on a stick. Anyways! Loved this issue, but it was totally a fuck with your expectations conclusion to the arc. After last month’s ending, they pull a Monty Python and give us something completely different. Hey! Remember the Brand? Or perhaps Gwendolyn? Lying Cat? Yeah, it was an issue consisting entirely of them! That’s cool! But it’s also the end of the fucking arc and there was such a big cliffhanger last issue and HOLY SHIT an even bigger mind fuck of a cliffhanger, Brian K Vaugh you troll! Somebody get me a time machine, I need to get to February, or maybe March. Also, I’m glad that mini seal guy is a character now.

Southern Bastards #5

Seriously, it’s not fucking fair how good this book is. It’s hard for me to explain why this book is so good, because it’s just one of those series where the execution is just so flawless, simply describing it would be a disservice. After the conclusion of the last arc, which was one of those Hitchcock-like “OH FUCK! The main character just got killed!” moments, we pick up with the man who killed him, Coach Boss. This is a guy, who straight up killed a guy in the street, and the whole town knows it, but they act like nothing happened, but he goes out of his fucking way to make sure they remember it, by displaying the murder weapon as a trophy in his restaurant. That’s fucking badass. After this arc, which seems like it’s going to be all about Coach Boss, the possibilities seem limitless thanks to the epilogue in issue #4 and a couple of introductions in this issue to a bunch of characters readers have never met. So like I said, limitless possibilities in a flawlessly executed world built by Jason Aaron and Latour. 

Black Science #10

Another good issue, this time Pia gets the focus and turns out she’s not too happy with her dad, and why would she be? He sort of fucked everything up for everyone, and destroyed her family, soooooo, that sucks. Her rationalizing the hate for her father to her brother sure was sad though, because she’s not wrong, but why break the kid’s spirit when they’re already in a fucked up situation? Then you’ve got the B plot with potentially Grant-prime (in relation to this series) alive and well, waring with alter-Grant who is trying to rescue Nate and Pia-prime. Multiverse shit, am I right!? Yeah, this all is sort of painted in shades of Fear Agent, or at least certain arcs of Fear Agent, but that’s not to say it isn’t pretty damn entertaining.

Low #4

LOOKIT, another Rick Remender book! I like all three of his Image books at the moment, but this is by far the one that has connected the least with me. I don’t know, something about it just seems sort of unfocused, and I’m having trouble grasping the big picture of the “and then?” of it all. Regardless, some events from the first issue, ten years back in this story’s timeline, get touched upon here, as in they find the missing daughter, or at least one of them, could have sworn two were taken. ANYWAYS! Shit doesn’t go well, because Stel just charges in without a plan, which sucked, and then Marik tells his sister that they weren’t looking for her over the past ten  years, which she doesn’t seem to take well, so she betrays him. WHOOPS. Again, I like the book, it has a great style to it, but on paper, while the possibilities seem endless for this world, I just get the feeling that the story has a very limited scope, and it’s hard to imagine it growing out from there. I’m very willing to be proven wrong though, as I’d love to love this series as much as I do Deadly Class.

Rasputin #1

I really like Riley Rossmo’s art, but nothing he’s been working on recently has really drawn my attention… That said, I barely know shit about Rasputin, but what I do know of his various myths seems pretty interesting, so I figured why not pick this up and read it. I liked it, and I’m looking forward to reading more, but boy did it sure seem short. It was one of those issues where a good portion, potentially half of it, was told by the visuals alone, so when you don’t have anything to actually read, you can just sort of breeze through a good deal of the issue, unless you just want to stare at each panel for a good twenty seconds. The issue served as a good introduction to the weirdness that is Rasputin, and it should be fun to see where it’s taken in a full story. I will say though, I feel odd about this essentially being a movie pitch. Something just seems disingenuous to me about that, but at least the writer is being honest and upfront about it, where there are some other writers who I really shouldn’t have to name whose MO is just movie pitch after movie pitch.

Sundowners #3

Figure this is the mid-arc issue where things get bad, and boy did they. Shit was just depressing this month. You’ve got this crazy ass cult and a bunch of nut jobs who think they’re super heroes, who are actually on to something in regards to the cult, but everyone thinks they’re fucking nut jobs… Then on top of that they’ve got substance abuse problems (I think), they’re rejected by former family, and psycho religious murders for ex-boyfriends. Yeah, it’s just a weird, weird book, and I love it for that. No one was left in a good spot by the end of this issue, so next month’s could have good potential for being real fucked up.

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  1. I thought that was a really special ending to Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang's Wonder Woman ending.
    I wouldn't mind seeing the Swamp Thing Annual, and the story of Capucine, be turned into a movie.
    Even though I love Saga's main story, I really enjoy the detours they take every so often.