Wednesday, November 19, 2014

SPOILERS: Harley Quinn #12

Harley Quinn is no stranger to breaking the fourth wall, but now she steps into the dangerous territory of COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMEEEEENT.

The Spoilers:

So it's Harley and Power Girl vs. Clock King and Sportsmaster, New 52 continuity be damned... and wouldn't you know it, Harley and PG charge, and jump straight into a portal to another galaxy Clock King just so happens to have.

Seems like Clock King had a deal with this alien empire which involved him sending all sorts of human stuff to the angry Queen... Including a human lover who recognizes Harley and almost spills the beans that she's not actually a super hero, soooooo... he's gotta die. That gets the Queen pissed, the King, a giant pug gets pissed at her, they argue, he eats her... You know, real royalty type shit.

Looking for a way back home, the pug king sends Harley and Power Girl to Than--I MEAN MANOS... Who has a whole bunch of INFINITY RINGS, one of which will help transport the less-than-heroic duo home. After fighting a giant slice of space pizza (yes, that's what I said), Harley and PG end up frying Manos, who is totally not that other Space Hitler, and using one of his rings to get back to earth (along with one of his daughters whose name is probably Romora, or something).

Now it's time for round two with a couple of D-List villains!


The Review:

Wasn't sure what I was going to make of this issue when I read the preview and saw Harley and PG get transported to space... But then there was a giant pug, space pizza and a Marvel lawsuit waiting to happen, and the loveably insanity prevailed. This is one of those issues where the exposition is so tongue-in-cheek with the genre, you can't help but laugh at the explanation of Thanos Manos. It's just real silly when you read it out loud. John Timms also drew a majority of the issue, and as I said with the annual, given the tweaks to Hardin's style over the past couple of issues, I still think I'm starting to enjoy Timms' style more. 

Overall, we get another insane issue of Harley, made even more insane by the intergalactic elements. I mean... SPACE PIZZA

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