Wednesday, November 5, 2014

SPOILERS: Grayson #4

It was only a matter of time before Dick being the only male in a school full of college-aged girls caused some problems. Cue the man-ty raid.

The Spoilers:

Trying to figure out Mr. Minos' identity sure is hard. Dick had a pretty good plan... annoy Helena with a lollipop enough for her to smack it out of his mouth, hope some of Minos' DNA gets stuck to it while on the floor, send it off to Batman... Unfortunately for both Dick and Bruce, Minos is SO careful about his identity being kept a secret, he's got microscopic nano-machines around him, consuming any dead skin cells or whatever falls off him, using the protein to continuously power them. So no luck with that plan.

Later that night, within the grounds of the school, one of the students who had placed cameras around the campus ended up capturing a bunch of half-naked photos of Dick (sans his face), and suggest to her friends that they have a little fun with the secret beefcake, and conduct a man-ty raid, because why not?

So, later on, Dick hears some whispering outside his room, and heads into the trees to investigate. While that's happening, Helena takes it upon herself to follow up on Minos' order to track down a secret signal, and investigates Dick's room.

Dick finds the group of girls and decides to have a little fun with them, testing them (and vicariously, Helena vis her training of the girls) by having them chase him around the campus. It's all fun and games until Helena catches them and sends the girls back to their dorm.

Mr. Minos isn't pleased that Dick's cover is blown, and thus has to have him adopt a faux-teacher role at the school, teaching gymnastics... As a former french star gymnast who just so happens to be gay in an effort to curb any feelings he might cause amongst the student body. With that, Dick is dismissed and Minos turns his attention to Helena's report. Helena might be playing a bit coy, but she shows Minos the cameras that the student had placed, believing them to be the source of the transmission. Minos is impressed with the tech, telling Helena to offer extra credit for the semester... but nevertheless, suggests paddles for the whole curfew breaking punishment.

Helana later sneaks into Dick's room and wakes him up. She tells Dick that while watching him earlier, she could tell he missed his old life, missed being Nightwing, and wants him not to forget that. So in a turn of character, Helena decides to have a little fun, suggesting that Dick chase her through the night.


The Review:

I believe it was last issue where I said I wasn't that big a fan of the whole Paragon organ plot. The missions that Dick was going on just haven't interested me as much as the character interaction between he and Helana as well as just the basic setting of Spiral... Well, it's a good thing that this issue was pretty much 100% that, and it shouldn't come as a surprise that I loved every page of it. I don't really "ship" characters, but I fully admit, I'm a Dick/Helena mark. I think those two characters have a dynamic that work well together, always have, and given this series and its recent developments, I always will, apparently. It has been really fun to see the relationship between these two grow over the last couple of issues, and given the Futures End issue is somewhat of an "end point" in regards to where the relationship could go, it's cool to have that reference point while watching things in "real time." A couple issues ago Helena wouldn't really put up with any of Dick's shit, and straight up paralyzed him in order to get her way, now she's sort of checkin in on him and his emotional state as well as doing a little playful flirting. CHARACTER GROWTH! 

Outside of the Dick/Helena character moments, which I obviously believe is some of the most compelling stuff this series has produced, this issue was just fun. As someone whose read a lot of Tim Seeley's work, it does not surprise me that I'm reading a bunch of co-eds attempt a man-ty raid on Dick Grayson, who is like half naked 90% of this issue. While the book often has a fairly serious undercover tone, this sort of tongue-in-cheek fun is welcome in any issue as far as I'm concerned. I also found the solution to Mr. Minos' spare DNA problem really crazy and clever, so there was that good weirdness as well.

Overall, Grayson just continues to be one fantastic book on all accounts. Not much else to say, honestly.

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