Wednesday, November 26, 2014

SPOILERS: Catwoman #36

Well, it certainly didn't take very long for Selina to be in a position that potentially compromised her morals.

The Spoilers: 

Selina's life as Selina Calabrese is... well, it's not going smoothly, but it's going. She's all across town making deals with other families... While a woman dressed up like Catwoman is breaking up Black Mask's fun, which he doesn't like. All while this is happening, those two cops from this title's past are... looking in to this... I guess... at least one is... who cares.

Once Selina's business day is over, she comes home to talk with her cousins who give her the news that the Yakuza will allow her to use the port, if her family distributes the heroin they're bringing in. Obviously, because Selina is not a terrible person, she doesn't wan't to distribute hardcore drugs while she's trying to rebuild the city... Speaking of rebuilding the city, some new business man by the name of Aiden Mason and his cooperation has moved into Gotham, and is starting to take up all the contracts that the various crime families were promised. This obviously creates some tension, but at the moment, Selina's goals are to use the port for the weapons deal, and get the families paid... Also, Mason would be that guy who contacted Black Mask last issue, he's pretty sketchy so far.

Selina meets with Eiko, the daughter of the Yakuza leader, and agrees to the deal, which takes Eiko by surprise, claiming she would have expected something more from Selina. Of course, Selina isn't going to just distribute heroine, so with some scheme that I won't bother explaining, she somehow gets in contact with Detective Alvarez via her brother, tipping the GCPD off to the deal, and blah, yeah, that whatever, I'll speak on that later. Unfortunately for Nick, he gets nabbed by someone after handing off the tip.

Back at Selina's penthouse, as she watches the city from the balcony, she knows she's not alone, and calls the phony Catwoman out from the shadows. The two have a bit of a skirmish, which Selina wins, and eventually discovers the woman to be Eiko, who believes Catwoman would have been stopping this, because she did what needed to be done. Selina tells Eiko that there's the thing's she knows, and then there are many she doesn't (meaning, Selina's plan is larger than Eiko realizes) and basically tells her to eff off and stay away from her.

Oh, what happened to Nick, well, he got nabbed by the Black Mask, and is tied up somewhere... and you know what that means.


The Review:

So, let's just rip the bandaid off, and spell out what I don't like up front. This book is juggling a lot of elements, many, if not most of which, are completely new and need to be established. At times, there seems like there are too many things to be juggled, and the element I really don't care for is the two cops. One of which is was introduced back in Winick's run, the other Nocenti's. I think this new direction needed to be a total clean break from everything that came before, because let's be honest, who would that have offended? There are so many random GCPD cops specific to various series, it's hard to really give a shit about any of them. I don't care about Alvarez, I lost interest in him while I was actively reading this book, and I don't care to look up what his relationship with Selina turned into while this book was busy being flat out terrible... So when I'm reading him in this new direction, my reaction is along the lines of "What is this? What is his motivation here? Fuck it, I don't care." They really just don't need to be there.

ANYWAYS. On to the stuff I liked, continuing from last month, Selina's life as the head mob boss continues to develop nicely. I really like how who she is and her criminal morals are being brought right into the firing line, forcing her to make tough decisions like agreeing to flood Gotham with a new shipment of heroin. We've Selina deal with this sort of stuff before, but that was at Catwoman, and now she doesn't have the luxuries that come with the costume, something she addresses in her monologue throughout this issue. It's fun to read how she deals with similar problems in a new way.

Speaking of similar problems, we've got the "new Catwoman." I've yet to register an opinion on this, but I will say that I have my reservations. First off, I'm a vocal advocate of "New for the sake of being new" New 52 stuff in regards to established characters, is usually total garbage with no context. So, if we're going to introduce a new character who puts the Catwoman costume on, she's going to have to be sold well, because if she's just sort of thrown out with a "Here you go, a new Catwoman, like it now, okay?" mentality, then we're going to have a problem. New 52-ism aside, the fact is, this idea has already been done before, not too long ago in retrospect, and combine that with the old Catwoman vs. Black Mask rivalry, I find it just a tad bit concerning that this new direction is mining two old Catwoman tropes. That said, it's still early, and based on how much I've liked these past two issues, I'm optimistic and hope I'm wrong with some of these concerns. 

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  1. The fact that Selina is now a mob boss in the two Catwomen storyline gives it a needed twist.