Wednesday, November 26, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #34

Batman and Hush finally come face to face and spoilers... they punch each other.

The Spoilers:

So, Hush and Julia have their little confrontation. Julia impales Hush's shoulder, Hush shoots her in the gut, then sets off some explosions. In true "how the hell" comic fashion, Julia is more or less okay (as in she didn't blow up) and is brought back into the cave for medical treatment.

Alfred wants Bruce to finish this now, mainly because he doesn't want Julia to be part of this life. Luckily for Bruce, Hush shows up on a tracker, this time, very much on purpose, as if to invite Bruce his way, to one of that last bunkers.

Elsewhere in Gotham, Hady and Bard are meeting with Lucius Fox about the most recent explosion, and things don't look good for Wayne Enterprises.

So, Hush and Batman meet, they fight, we don't particularly know why Hush is back this time, other than he just hates Bruce, but as usual, Bruce comes on out on top. After the fighting has stopped, Alfred patches in a press conference that Lucius is having, announcing the the Federal Government has taken over Wayne Enterprises, effectively shutting it down. As he's hearing this, Bruce finds the same invitation in Hush's coat that he found on Falcone... So maybe Hush isn't the guy at the top, and things are just getting worse.


The Review:

So, I guess a big thing happened this issue with the whole Wayne Enterprises thing, but I find it so hard to care about it. If you want to talk about the least interesting aspect of Batman, it's Wayne Enterprises, and if you want to talk about the least interesting story trope to use in regards to a super hero and their company, its the whole "it got shut down/lost all the money" one. Every rich superhero with a big company is going to have a story where they're shut down or fail, and then a couple years later, they're probably going to have another story in a similar nature, and then another, and another. So, like I said... hard to care. 

But then there's the reveal that Hush might not be the one at top, so then the question is, who? Well, it could be Riddler, but if it is, god damn it, again? Or it could be Lincoln March? Why him, because fuck it, I don't know, why not? We haven't seen him in awhile... "Why not" would also be the problem with that possibility, because there's nothing much else supporting it, but the fact remains the possibility is very likely... would have liked to have some build up to that if true. Then the ultimate long shot is Dr. Hurt, simply because he likes sending out invitations.

I don't know man, we're on the third arc after this issue, I really hope it picks up, because right now, this story is super flat.


  1. Replies
    1. I assume you mean Thomas Wayne of Earth-3 (member of the Crime Syndicate) who was stranded on Earth-0 or Earth-Prime or whatever they're calling the New 52 Earth at the end of Forever Evil, and not Lincoln March, created by Scott Snyder, who claims to be Thomas Wayne, Jr. of Earth Prime, Bruce Wayne's brother, as revealed at the end of Court of Owls.

      Also, FHIZ raises the possibility of Dr. Hurt, which I agree seems like a long shot simply because Snyder didn't create the character -- and he should probably remain more or less "dead" or buried alive, or whatever happened to him at the end of 'Batman and Robin Must Die!' Unless of course Morrison decides to bring him back. Oh, another problem is that Hurt also claimed to be Thomas Wayne. Turns out he was "Old" Thomas Wayne from like 150 years ago who was like a demon-worshipper, but he also may have posed as Thomas Wayne, Jr., cast-out son of Martha and Thomas Wayne, and spent some time in Arkham Asylum. This of course, is not unlike Lincoln March's claim that he grew up in an orphanage or something.

      Oh, and this is not to be confused with Thomas Wayne of Earth-2 who is currently Hour-Batman.

      Point being: there are WAY too many effing Thomas Waynes running around in the DCU the last 7 or 8 years. Sorry for the lengthy digression.

      Anyway, I like FHIZ's speculating about Dr. Hurt simply because he does indeed like to hand out invitations. The imagery of Bruce chained to the Bat-signal as Gotham burns is very Batman 666... so who the hell knows?

  2. The final twist of Hush being a pawn and Wayne Industries being closed re-energized me for the next leg of the series.