Wednesday, November 19, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #33

Batman faces his (not even) greatest foe yet... a guy in riot gear!!!

The Spoilers:

So, Hush done blown up a bunker, leading to a number of casualties and a press conference from Commissioner Bard who doesn't quite lay the blame on Batman... but he ain't saying he's innocent. Unfortunately for Bard and Hush's temper, he's having some second thoughts about just how far Hush is going (a couple of Bard's men were killed) but Hush makes his point perfectly clear with... well, the pointy end of a broken bottle.

That night, Bruce is on clean-up patrol, with both the bunkers and Wayne Enterprises, assuring Lucius Fox that this won't happen again. Julia eventually reasons her way into accompanying Bruce to disarm the bunkers, and proves herself well, handling the tech and attack by some riot officers particularly well.

Bruce and Julia split up to cover more Bunkers, something that Alfred isn't pleased about, but Bruce tells him to trust his more-than-capable daughter and her skills. Alfred isn't questioning Julia's skills, it's Gotham he's more concerned of, since she doesn't know it like Tim, Babs, or Jason... and sure enough, as Julia checks in on her final Bunker, Hush shows up.


The Review:

Like I said last week... and the week before that... and probably the week even before that... Man, the pace is kiiiiiiilling me. Everything is just so padded out. I mean, there's a couple pages in this issue just dedicated to Bruce fighting off some mid-boss dude in riot gear... Like... who cares? A year long commitment to this story is just starting to seem to be too much at this point, especially when it means there's so much time between the different plots with various things on the back burner at all times (Spoiler, Bluebird, Selina, Tim, etc...). Don't get me wrong, there are some pretty good moments in this issue like Alfred's conversation with Bruce or Julia proving herself, and it's drawn incredibly well by Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson, but maaaaan, it's just taking so long to do anything.


  1. After Arkham blew up, it's nice to see Hush gaining focus again and proving how formidable he can be.

  2. I always feel that way whenever it's not a Seeley issue. But it was nice to read two Fabok comics this week.