Wednesday, November 12, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #32

Who needs Convergence Stephanie Brown when we've got this Stephanie Brown... continuously getting punched in the face or something, oh, no... Stephanie.

The Spoilers:

As one my expect from the previous issue, Hush is out to kill Stephanie Brown, but Batman isn't having anything of the sort, and stops him just in time. The two foes fight a bit, but Hush ends up getting away after throwing a grenade Batman's way. After the explosion, Bruce looks to confront Stephanie, but she's gone as well.

Wish Hush and Steph gone, Bruce goes on cleanup to rescue Batwing and bring Alfred back to the cave, where he's reunited with Julia. While this is happening, Hush meets Bard (now sporting a cain) and hands him some info to give to the press.

It doesn't take Bard long to find Vicki and show her the information given to him by Hush. What is it? Well, maps of safe houses all over the city, all of which are Bruce's, and sporting ties to Wayne tech. Bard starts to ask Vicki what would happen if any one of these armories fell into the wrong person's hands... Uh oh. In the cave, Bruce looks at some records and sees that his database containing such info was opened the night Hush invaded... but it shouldn't matter as the entrances are DNA encoded to only open for either himself... ooooooor Alfred, sooooooo, fuck.

Using some of Alfred's blood and a weird fingerprint thing, Hush opens one of these armories, and sets it off, resulting in a giant explosion on the street. Chaos ensues, people are dead, and there's bat debris all over, not exactly painting Batman in a great light.


The Review:

I mean... it was another issue of Eternal. That's all I can say about these at this point! Combine the weekly release with the baby steps each issue takes in plot progression due to that weekly release and you're just left with another issue of Eternal that isn't great, isn't bad, just sort of is in general. Par for the course stuff, really. On the bright side, there was Jason Fabok's great art to look at, but on the gloomy side of that, this was the second to last issue he'll be drawing for the series. Stupid Justice League! Oh well. So yeah, it was an issue of Eternal, some stuff happened... Pretty much it. Man this story is long.

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