Wednesday, November 19, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin #36

Hey guess what, Batman kicks more ass this issue.

The Spoilers:

This is one of those issues that's pretty easy to explain. Batman kicks Godfrey's ass, and gets Kalibak's name, thus continuing his warpath on Darkseid's home, in his wake, Jason, Babs, Tim, Cyborg and Titus follow. 

Bruce's allies catch up to him outside of Kalibak's compound, and with his anger mixed with the suit's physical toll (which is being ignored) it looks like Bruce has lost it, and it's not until he sees the Robin symbols the "kids" are wearing, that he calms down. Bruce almost gets mad at them for disobeying him, but holds back, saying he trusts them in making the decision. Bruce going a bit HAM on the Darkseid forces was also not as uncontrollable as it looked, as he was very specifically trying to get all eyes on him. So now? Now it's time to go storm Kalibak's chambers, and destroy that cannon he's got.

AND THAT'S WHAT THEY DO. Bruce kicks Kalibak's ass, Tim and Titus find Damian's body, Cyborg takes out the cannon and Babs/Jason hold everything else off... Until Bruce gets what he wanted, and a very large, familiar shadow looms over him.


The Review:

This arc has its good points and its bad points. The good: Well, it's the story I want, and more so need. I want to see Bruce kicking ass and getting Damian back, that's fucking awesome, and the added personal element with the other kids is just a bonus. Then there's the bad... because this is such an action driven arc, issues go by just like that, given that there's very little important story/dialogue to read, in favor of ass kicking. There's meat to this story, but it's not exactly a nice steak. Ultimately, I'm still enjoying the hell out of the arc.

NOT SO BOLD PREDICTION: I bet Bruce and Darkseid just talk it out next issue... buuuut considering there's another annual sized issue to go, maybe they fight there.

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  1. Though I guess it was inevitable, I was still surprised and excited by Tomasi pulling the Darkseid trigger.