Wednesday, November 12, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman #36

So, by now, cat's out of the bag, and Joker's back... Boy is it not pretty this time... Not that things between Batman and the Joker ever have been, but that just means things have gotten a whole lot worse.

The Spoilers:

Bruce is still fighting Superman in his mech suit, but things don't go well. Fortunately for Bruce, he's got one last trump card for when Superman rips him out of the suit and basically just spits in Supes' face, having used a gum like substance with microscopic traces of Kryptonite. 

Bruce collects himself back with Alfred and Julia, beginning to trying and figure out Joker's game this time, especially now that he's put the Justice League out of commission for a couple of days at the very least.

Having no real leads to go on as to how Joker infected the Justice League, Bruce returns to the ruins of Arkham and finds Joker's old 0801 cell. Not long after him, Eric Border, a recent addition to this continuity's Arkham staff, shows up and begins to speak with Batman, who tells him it's not a good idea to be there... Well, it isn't a great idea for Batman to be there as well, as the cell he's investigating locks shut.

Unfortunately for Bruce, Border has apparently been the Joker the whole time, under heavy makeup and muscle relaxant dosages. Coming face to face with Batman again, Joker tell his former friend that he's finally grown tired of their whole... deal, and it's time to end this. As he talks, riots begin to spread throughout Gotham, as many of the citizens fall victim to Joker's toxin. Joker addresses Batman's taunts from the last time they met, pointing out that Batman doesn't actually know him, or what he's capable of, and promises that once he gets out of his current predicament, all of Gotham will be laughing at him. 

Then there's the backup, we hear one of the inmates stories. This woman went mad believing her family were replaced by robots and killed them all. Joker visited her one night and fed her paranoia... Then the riots start happening. YEP.


The Review:

Usually when I buy my comics, I flip through them quickly just to see what's of interest and decide what to read first. This time, I didn't do that, so by the time we get to the reveal, I was actually pleasantly surprised for once. Didn't see that coming... And that may be a bit of a problem, but not with the issue itself. I'd be interested to see how long the Border angle was planned. If you read Batman #34, at the end you can see Border popping pills which we can now assume are the muscle relaxers, but going back to Batman Annual #2, it's kind of questionable whether or not this was Joker's entrance back into the story all the way back then. Regardless, it was a cool reveal. 

I just love how Joker is portrayed by this team, both visually and with the way Snyder has him act... The only problem is, and again, this isn't with the issue specifically, but we've heard this already. I've said it before, and apparently I don't listen to myself, but holy fucking shit, I need to stop listening to or reading any interview Scott Snyder gives, because whether he's trying to or not, he always practically spells out the great bad guy monologues while describing what's happening within the arc. The whole "I'm back, I'm mad at you this time, you don't know me, we're not friends anymore" thing from Joker? Yeah, great bit... But I kid you not, I through my iPad onto my bed reading that, as I grit my teeth and just started swearing to myself saying "Fucking god damn it! It happened again! I've heard this all before! FFFUUUUUUCK" This is it, I literally cannot read or listen to any interview Scott gives again. I love the dude, but he might as well just read the script sometimes. If by chance I happen to come across another interview for the next arc, I'm going to have to give myself a lobotomy. 

UGH. Whatever. Still a great issue, and I'm looking forward to seeing how this all plays out, while I sit in a bomb shelter avoiding any new interview that goes up on CBR or whatever.


  1. I will be interested to see if this arc can keep topping itself with the last minute reveals because this one was better than last issue's, not that that one was bad!

  2. Snyder confirmed that Eric Border was meant to be The Joker from the beginning. He even was afraid people would figure it out all the way back to the Annual ! Really great issue, I wander where it will go from here. I highly doubt the riots are the central piece of Joker's plan.