Tuesday, November 11, 2014

So, Joker's Face Got Better

So, the big question was what was the Joker going to look like without his face this time... And the answer seems to be, he just grew a new one! (Or got Hush to make a new one, or something, I don't know). Basically, he looks like Joker straight out of Boardwalk Empire to me, fancy pinky and all.

The Hitfix link has got Andy Kubert's cover for #37 as well, and in other "I don't want to make a post about this" news, here's the link for variant covers for Batgirl and the Halrey Quinn Holiday Special

(Source: Hitfix)


  1. Maybe his face just grew back, because, y'know, skin tends to grow back. Honestly, I think that a simple answer like that should work best and that maybe if it grew back normal he just bleached himself.

    1. Maybe he raided STAR Labs and got some plot device whose symbolism will be overarched throughout the story, but in the background and then, when you least expect it. The Joker's face contains the chemicals of the Cassandra Strain and just being in the proximity of Jokerized victims causes Batman to hallucinate, because he's extracting the formula from the blood of a mute meta named Cassandra Cain.

  2. Replies
    1. No it's not, and no, Bruce does not have that hair cut, no idea where people are getting that from.