Saturday, November 1, 2014

Batman Beyond Saturdays, 11/01/2014

I wasn't feeling well last Saturday, and with the final chapter a week away, I decided to skip the post last week. So double the Batman Beyond finale this week, and then, THAT'S ALL.

The Spoilers:

While Terry tries to hold off Rewire, who isn't stopped by the "antidote" he was injected with, Barb manages to find Dick and get him into the bat mobile. Unfortunately for them, Rewire notices this, and sends a bolt of electricity towards the car, sending it crashing to the ground. With everyone pretty beaten the hell up, Rewire is about to finish Terry off until Dick tackles him, rips out the heartbeat thing from his own chest, and slams it into Rewire, overcharging him. Unfortunately for Dick, the stress on his heart was too much and he seems to die.


NOPE! When all hope is lost, Dick coughs a few times and comes to, asking if they won. The next morning, Dick is resting in his loft with Bruce, Barb and Terry all present. Barb has to go to the escort for Rewire into Arkham, Terry decides to check on the portal, and Bruce stays with Dick.

Inside the cave, Terry finds the portal just as broken as it was, but is surprised to see the Justice Lords versions of himself and Dick figured out a way to get to his timeline. Turns out T told his dad about Terry, and that Warren wants to see them both. Terry sort of realizes what Bruce was trying to tell him and turns it down, telling T to appreciate his family and what he's got despite it all, because once they're gone, that's it. They hug and bid each other goodbye.

Dick wakes up in his loft surprised to see Bruce, but happy nonetheless. Shortly after Barb and Terry show up again, Terry having brought pie and ah, look at that, everyone is a happy family again.


The Thoughts: 

Last week I was pretty convinced they were going to off Dick, because it'd be a good oh shit moment and also a further explanation why he wasn't around anywhere past this part of the timeline. Then no... but the reconciliation between everyone was nice to read. I made it clear that I wasn't really a fan of Rewire this second time around, nor the whole alternate dimension subplot, but regardless of all that, the story did wrap up nicely.


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