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Stack Rundown, 10/25/2014

A little late this morning... Drank a bit too much last night and failed to write up the last three books I read this week, but nevertheless, here I am! NOTHING STOPS THIS TRAIN! ...just delays it.

The Multiversity: The Just #1

This month in Multiversity, we’ve got Earth-16, Grant Morrison’s version of Young Justice, where instead of all the kids being out there saving the world when their mentor’s aren’t around, in this world, they’re jaded young adults with nothing to do because the Superman robots take care of everything. Basically, a lot of this was what would happen if you mixed the DC universe with the Kardashians, and it was fucking ridiculous. Favorite part about the issue: The fucked up relationship between Damian Wayne and Alexis Luthor… God forbid if Morrison was allowed to explore their physical relationship any further… That could have gotten real weird. This series has been such a weird mind fuck so far, but it’s been an absolutely fantastic one, that’s for sure. 

Deathstroke #1

So, I read this… Not sure why. Maybe I’m just starved for DC titles since I’ve pretty much dropped near anything that doesn’t have “Bat” or “Gotham” in the title. You see, I really like Tony Daniel’s art, but he’s been incredibly hit or miss in terms of writing and my opinion of it, that said, Deathstroke isn’t a character I care about as much as Batman, so I figured I’d be more receptive to the writing. You know what? I thought it was fine. The art was great, which is what I was really in for, and the story was pretty simple/decent. Book is crazy violent though, makes me sort of think it’s trying too hard to be edgy, but whatever. Last pay was kind of lame… I’ll believe that it wasn’t Arrow inspired as much as I believe the Arrow writers currently writing Green Arrow aren’t trying to that book closer to the show (hint: I absolutely do not believe that). Whatever, I figure I’ll at least stick through four issues… I’m a Harley mark.

Avengers & X-Men: Axis #3

So the Red Skull has been defeated… and there are six issues left to go. What the fuuuuuuuck happens next? I guess the whole inversion thing made the good guys act like dicks, but I only know that because of this week’s Deadpool. Then we got the Avengers and X-Men at odds again… Meanwhile tomorrow you can see John Cena vs Randy Orton for the billionth time at Hell in a Cell. COINCIDENCE!? I think not. I digress. Xavier is Red Skull now? Maybe? Yeah, I mean… fuck, I’m having fun with this story but I have got literally no idea what the fuck is supposed to happen next… I will say though, the Deadpool moment? “Then I saw her face, now I’m an Avenger!” worth the price of admission alone. Remender writes a fantastic Deadpool, kind of wish he was in the new Uncanny Avengers volume next year.

Deadpool #36

Like I said in the Axis blurb above, this issue actually explained a little bit more about Axis itself then Axis did. Good guys are dicks, Deadpool is all zen now… annnnnnnnnd, then I run into the same exact problem I have with Axis as a whole, where I don’t really know what the fuck is supposed to be done with this flip. I will say that I like how the writers seeded “Zenpool” months ago, so with that in mind, you’d like to think there’s been a plan for Axis for good long while (I’m sure there is) but damned if I can even come close to figuring out just what that is.

X-Force #11

FUCKING DOMINOOOOOOO! Finally, AND she appeared on the cover of the most recently solicited issue, so I guess she’s finally joining the book for good, and she did it in the best Domino fashion… by shooting someone in the fucking head. That someone being Fantomex. So, this was the issue where Fantomex went off the deep end, going full on heel, trying to kill everybody, only to get shot in the head himself… I’m sure he’ll be back… Well, mostly because all the solicits coming up say so, but it seems like he’s going to be the bad guy for awhile, which makes sense given how broken he is and how they justify it a little bit more this issue, since he’s split into three, and missing the other two sides of himself. It’ll be interesting to see what is done with the guy… Unfortunately, the way the solicits sound and the name of this story “Ends/Means” definitely seems like the book could be on it’s final few issues which is gonna suck, because I’m currently not interested in anything else the X-Men office is doing.

Secret Avengers #9

Modok did it! I don’t know, that’s pretty much what’s going on in this book at this point. What did Modok do? Everything! Pretty much. This is one of those books where on top of just being sort of weird in a general sense, it’s also super dense and has a whole lot going on, so now that things are starting to come to a boiling point, I’m sort of left scratching my head because I quite honestly don’t remember everything that happened previously. Whatever this Tlon thing is… Some other planet? Dimension? No fucking idea what it is, but Modok used it… for stuff… and they sure are talking about it a lot this issue. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still loving the book, but it’s getting to the point where I can’t just keep pushing ahead, and I’ve got to go back and sort of refresh myself on everything… Or hell, maybe the recap pages will help, I sort of ignore those by habit.

The Wicked + The Divine #5

Yep, definitely enjoying this book a lot more now that the setup of the premise has more or less gotten out of the way. Some shit goes down in this issue, big time, and things are shaken up as a result. What this issue solved for me was the question of what’s the main character (Laura, the fangirl) actually going to do? I had a hard time believing that the book would just follow this girl around while she… while she… well, that was the thing, I had no idea what she was supposed to be doing. But that all changes this issue, as Laura seems to have inherited some godly powers, and just as she states at the end of the issue, it’s not over. I feel like this whole arc was just sort of a prelude, or at least, that’s what it felt like. Started off a little too loosely for me, but these last two issues have really tightened the story up and I’m pretty curious to see where it goes from this point on.

Zero #11

Zero is still Zero, man. Another really sparse issue which depends on the visuals telling the story more than people talking. Not that I’m complaining, if there’s one thing that this series has got going for it (and to be honest, there’s more than one) it’s that Ales Kot continues to select great artists from issue to issue who can really convey the story without having that much in the way of dialogue. I do miss how this book sort of jumped around in the timeline, but Zero on the run (sorta) and now someone wanting him back in the game is pretty intriguing to say the least.

Revival #24

Revival just keeps layering on plot after plot once other ones sort of close or take a break. Now we’ve got Revival day effecting more than just humans, the old redneck trying to undermine the man, and potentially going full on terrorist, and then the government coming to take Revivers away. Issue-to-issue, it’s sort of a crap shoot whether or not something BIG will happen, but every month what this book does damn well is open up all sorts of possibilities for where the story can go next. I’ll admit, that’s what I disliked about the book in the beginning, but everything was still being established at that point, now it’s just enabling a truly great open ended story.

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