Saturday, October 18, 2014

Stack Rundown, 10/18/2014

Pretty short stack for me this week, especially compared to last. Some Axis stuff, one Image book, and the new Lex Luthor book is pretty cool... Oh wait, that's just Justice League. Could have fooled me.

Justice League #35

This book has just become the Luthor League… with some Batman. At this point, DC… just give Geoff Johns a Lex Luthor book. While I think a good deal of this current era of the book is of some good quality, mainly the Lex and Bruce interaction, the League itself has fallen by the wayside real hard in favor of Geoff Johns’ clear favoritism of Luthor. I mean, the League’s involvement in this book now boils down to a couple of one-off character moments be it Cyborg and Billy doing something… wacky, or Barry trying to keep Jessica level. As of right now, it’s just a good Lex Luthor book, a shitty Justice League book. But we’ll see how that all works out down the line. As for the Amazo virus, it’ll be interesting to see just what that is since… Amazo is an android, soooooooo, virus? Wut?

Teen Titans #3

So every time DC does this “we take September off to tell these New 52 anniversary stories!” I get worried that the month break will leave me sort of lost by the time I get back to other books that I’m reading, but not totally in love with… like this book. I think it’s pretty okay and has some great art, but I totally forgot what was going on by the time I got to in this week. Robot? STAR labs? Something like that. I sort of had to go back and remind myself that the guy with the hair was attacking STAR to make it seem like they needed to boost security and move or something… Yeah… The art is super great though! I kind of wish the book focused a bit more on the weird shit that’s going on with the characters, like this street gang that idolizes Wonder Girl. That stuff is weird and unique, something the book could really have fun with, meanwhile the STAR labs plot is just generic DC Comics house style stories. No heart behind it, just paint by numbers sort of shit.

Avengers & X-Men: Axis #2

This issue definitely was a bit more consistent than the last one, but the event definitely seems like it’s suffering from having a little too much going on at once… Like how last issue Scott and Alex were seemingly having some cool buddy buddy brother moment over Evan’s fucking corpse, meanwhile this issue, despite being impaled through the heart, I guess it was just a flesh wound for the kid? I don’t know. What I’m sort of concerned about is that with what we know is coming, the inversion or whatever, good guys bad, bad guys good, it just seems so random, like this Red Skull stuff isn’t going to be THE big deal at all, which would be disappointing, given the first arc tease of Uncanny Avengers. We’ll see… it just seems this one is just going to be kinda all over the place. 

Loki: Agent of Asgard #7

Yeeeeeeeeah, I was sort of curious about how this title would tie into Axis but… not anymore. it was just the “Magneto comes to recruit the bad guys” sort of story which made these last two issues seem sorta pointless like time wasters. It just doesn’t seem like it’s gonna be all that worthwhile… Just don’t care.

Uncanny X-Men #27

Should I make a snap decision? I think I should make a snap decision… I think it’s time to drop this book… along with All-New X-Men. ANXM, just simply because I don’t give a fuck about the Ultimate Universe and another crossover with the Guardians of the Galaxy is something I’m not interested in. Then this book… This book just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. It just keeps introducing new elements without doing anything with the other ones, or if it does, the payoff just falls flat. It just seems there’s just no clear point... where something of an equal or greater status at DC like Batman tells specific stories, this title just seems to want to play the long game but has no map. Like, oh great, some new omega mutant joins the book, cool! …You know what would be even better? if something actually happened with all the other new mutants that were introduced int he first couple of years. So with that, I’m down to one X-Men book (X-Force) because all the others are generic and boring… Who knows, maybe when DC finally moves, Mark Doyle will stay in New York, join Marvel, and have some interesting books come out of the X office. Also, side note... Okay, Wolverine is here, timing is different for this book and the others, fine, I get that... but through a good majority of this book, has no one stopped to tell the artists they're drawing Wolverine in the wrong costume? 

Deadly Class #8

First of all, might I say, I’m kind of disappointed that the antagonist who fucks animals isn’t going to be referred to as “Fuckface” in canon. Naming some guy “Chester Wilson” compared to “Fuckface” is a pretty big downgrade in m book. Regardless, great issue, as usual. We learn what happened in Marcus’ past and why he’s a wanted man, and well… As with most things in this book, it’s certainly fucked up… I mean, there’s not much more you can about an entire orphanage being murdered, staff, kids and all. Certainly would suck to be blamed for that, like Marcus. Also, this book needs more Saya. The intro to the letters column makes it seem like we may get that soon, but maybe not… Fuck that “maybe not,” I need me some Saya.


  1. I love Remender's writing, but there is way too much going on in the first two issues of Axis. It just feels like to me that he needs to slow it down since it seems like a mess and he's throwing too much stuff all at once. I won't spoil what is going to happen next week since Remender revealed it in interviews already. He mentioned how originally, it wasn't supposed to be an event and was just going to happen in Uncanny Avengers, but then it kept getting bigger and bigger. Now I'm starting to think it should've just stayed in Uncanny Avengers because the writing is coming off to me as a guy who is finally doing an event and is trying to do everything possible instead of what he was doing previously.

    To me, All New X-Men and Uncanny X-Men just haven't been doing that great lately. Outside of the arc after the first GOTG crossover for ANXM, it just isn't that good along with Uncanny X-Men. Since Battle of the Atom, they have both suffered. I know best year, there's the new Uncanny Avengers team with the tagline of no more mutants and it looks cool, but these two X-Men comics have been spinning in their wheels for a while.

  2. It's obvious that the League is playing the long con with Lex, trying to catch him doing something illegal, so it makes sense that he gets the spotlight. Also, isn't Amazo an android specifically designed to counteract each of the Leaguers' powers or exploit their weaknesses? I can definitely see the virus being that.
    I find the Robot lady from Teen Titans to quickly becoming a very formidable foe for the Titans.