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Stack Rundown, 10/11/2014

T'was a rather large week for my Image pull, a good selection of new #1s to be read, including Scott Snyder and Jock's Wytches, apparently already coming soon to a theatre near you, maybe. But there was also Axis which is basically the event I've been waiting for since the first arc of Uncanny Avengers and that was... insane. So let's get to it then.

Avengers & X-Men: Axis #1

This is the story I’ve been waiting for, I didn’t know what it’d be, but sure enough… this is it. From the first arc, you knew Uncanny Avengers would eventually spawn off it’s own event, and this would be it… and it’s nuts, completely crazy, balls to the wall, nuts… And that’s kinda it’s downfall, at least in this opening issue. There’s just so much crazy shit going on with so many characters. You got Red Onslaught trying to spread his hate influence over the whole world, get Scarlet Wtich to M Day everyone again or something, everyone’s fighting either Onslaught or each other, shit just doesn’t stop. It seems like this Onslaught stuff is only the kick off point for whatever bigger event is yet to happen, the inversion or whatever they’re calling it, so I’m hesitant to even say I’ve got a feel where things are going. The problem I came across is that it just kind of felt messy for a first issue. First, I think Adam Kubert’s art is really uneven throughout. Some pages look pretty good, some look kinda messy as if someone else was inking it, but there are no other inkers. There’s all sorts of little continuity errors that Marvel is just fucking terrible at, like Captain America and Iron Man and their relationship, which doesn’t seem to be broken here, but in New Avengers, it’s all fucked. Thor’s unworthy, but he’s got two arms and are we calling him Thor or Odinson now? Quinten Quire is just face down in a pool of blood for no apparent reason. The one apparent death in this issue gets absolutely no play while the X-Men have a touching heartfelt bonding moment literally two feet away from his corpse like it ain’t no thang. I enjoyed the issue for the craziness of the story, but it’s a fucking mess in some respects.

The Punisher #11

Finally, this book is getting back to LA, which is what hooked me in the first place. The South America story… I don’t know, it just sort of lost me, or at least it was starting to lose me, just thought it was kinda boring. I guess the big development was that someone is giving weapons to the gang from within the country? Sure… that’s interesting, I guess, blah blah blah, where’s Domino, blah blah blah. Yeah, I hope this one picks back up.

X-Force #10

Before this issue, I had zero idea who Forget Me Not was, probably because he’d only been in one issue prior to this… But holy shit, what a great concept for a mutant! His deal is that he’s been a part of the X-Men forever, but since everyone forgets his existence as soon as he’s out of view, no one knows. That’s fantastic! OH NO, HE’S DEAD! This was a weird issue if only for the fact that it was sorta a straight up slap-stick issue… but way more fucked up and twisted than your average bugs bunny cartoon. Just X-Force chasing and forgetting Forget Me Not, Nemesis tripping balls on super coffee, Fantomex being a bastard. Great stuff… and we’re at least getting closer to the Domino plot, so that’s nice.

Annihilator #2

Well okay now, may have spoken too soon. Last month, I mentioned that this was the first Grant Morrison book that seemed pretty damn accessible and not as crazy as you’d expect… Well this is the issue where shit gets crazy. You’ve got your evil fictional space guy Max, who needs his story to be finished, so he tells the writer who created him to keep writing, and remembers more of the story as it’s written, and it’s not cancer in Ray’s brain, it’s a MIND BULLET of information… GRANT MORRISON! Ta-daaaaa. It’s just all sorts of weird and crazy, and I just love it. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this is also some of my favorite work from Frazer Irving. I love artists who have their own unique style, that’s a fact, but beyond that with Irving, I love the colors he uses. The pallet he’ll use in a scene seems very limited as in there aren’t a wide variety of different colors, but the ones he chooses are often so unnatural and odd, I can’t help but be visually entertained by just flipping through the book. Some real great work coming from both writer and artist, that’s for sure.

Wytches #1

Horror is a hard thing to convey in comics. In movies or TV shows, you’re at the mercy of the editor basically, the pace and tension is out of the viewer’s control, yet in comics, you can read as fast as you want, flip ahead, or do an untold number of things to destroy all tension… That said, Wytches #1 was one of the most unsettling things I’ve read in recent memory. It’s just eerie, intense, and horrific all at the same time, and some of the best horror stuff I’ve read from Scott Snyder. Jock’s art does wonders for the story as well, as his style isn’t “pretty” in a traditional sense, when used in a story with this tone, it’s very unsettling itself. What the issue did well was it made me just feel gross, mainly the scene where we see the main character Sail’s first encounter with the wytches weren’t the worst part. The basic set up is that she’s cornered in the woods by a bully, who is attempting to make her do some fucked up shit, which I feel gross even thinking about describing… THEN the wytches come. It’s just one of those books where all aspects of it just made my skin crawl… I just didn’t like how it ended though. One of those “OH MY GOD!” endings where you don’t see what the guy screaming that sees. Feels like it just needed one final splash page to end it.

Copperhead #2

This issue seemed to go by pretty quickly, was over before I knew it, and thus, I don’t really got a lot to say in regards for it. I do think the main character came off a lot less cold than she did last issue, most notably because of the scene about being a mother between her and the alien mother she arrested last issue. Other than that, it continued to set up the world and some mystery behind the initial crime we saw last month. I think this is a good book so far with nice art, but it’s one of those titles that if it doesn’t really give me a good hook/reason to stick around sooner than later, I might fall off board, despite the quality.

Birthright #1

I had pretty much zero interest in this book when it was announced. I saw the child of destiny/chosen one trope and an artist attached who did some less than palatable Batman Inc fill-in work…. But the past couple of weeks I’ve been seeing so much damn hype for it on twitter, and yeah… I was wrong. If you read this issue, go back and read Batman Inc #10, the second volume… Pages 12-13, specifically 12… Then go back to this issue. It’s night and fucking day. So, sorry Andrei Bressan, I was wrong, because damn, the art in this issue does look good. Then the story… Well, it’s not quite the “chosen one” trope… Well, it is, but it’s what happens AFTER the hero’s journey is complete… Which even I had some speculation on what you do with that while reading it… BUT then, as is tradition by now, I was proven wrong once again, and man, that final page twist was just too good. A definite “oh… OOOOOH” moment. So yeah, I had zero expectations for this book, decided to buy into the hype, and came away really glad that I did. Will continue reading this one for the long haul, most likely.

Sex Criminals #8

For the whole first arc of this series, I was wondering what Fraction and Zdarsky would do to keep this book going, because the concept of “two people fuck, stop time, and rob a bank” seemed sort of limiting for an ongoing story, but sure enough, they continue to churn out entertaining work with a whole bunch of weirdness mixed with some deep, pretty serious subject matter. The way this book talks about and handles mental health is like a fucking trojan horse for the brain, because here you’ve got a book called “Sex Criminals” who has a key location called “Cumworld” and all the sudden I’m reading some dude’s struggle to deal with debilitating depression and anxiety. It’s fucking weird! But that’s why I love this book, because while it could probably get along just fine for me with dick jokes and naked people, it actually has some emotional weight to it, with some truly relatable shit going on… C-c-cumworld?

Punks: The Comic #1

So, like Brithright, if you just shove a book in my face on twitter, I guess I’m just going to buy it. Added to the peer pressure of it all, there's that the fact that I haven’t read anything Joshua Fialkov has written since I, Vampire ended, which is a crime, so I guess I HAD to buy this, right? Well, I, Vampire this book is not! From what I understand, this was a webcomic Fialkov had with the artist beforehand, now it’s a comic at Image, and it’s fucking absurd. The best way I can describe it is that it’s a comic book version of classy random as all hell Adult Swim cartoons. Shit just happens randomly, slapstick violence, real dry sense of humor, my sort of shit. The art also is crazy unique, basically all comprised of paper cut outs. The book is pure fucking insanity, so if you want to read something super dumb and crazy, Punks #1 is your best bet.

Dark Engine #3

Man, this book is weird, crazy violent with some cool looking art, but so weird. You’d be lead to believe that the main character is the woman who shows up on the covers, Sym… But she hasn’t really done anything or been developed past being an unstoppable killing machine with some sentient evil engine inside of her. First issue, she kills dinosaurs second issue, she’s just sorta passed out in Egypt, and now she just massacres some vikings. Meanwhile, the future she was sent from is just sorta obtuse and odd… And it still had some dude named Paul despite everyone else having weird fantasy names with umlauts and shit… meanwhile, Paul. Still, I think it’s interesting and it’s keeping me curious, so I guess I’m sticking with it.

Black Science #9

As someone who read the entirety of Rick Remender’s Fear Agent earlier this year, I can’t say that I’m surprised at all by the results of this issue. The main character who seemingly got killed off way too earlier could possibly be back via some crazy dimensional sci-fi craziness?! That’s like… Rick Remender 101. So yeah, I’m looking forward to where that one goes next month, should be interesting. The transition to that scene/dimension was sort of jarring. I guess the kids got left back in that dimension they’ve been in the past two issues? We’ll see, I guess. I was also glad to see some more of Rebecca’s story come out, she’s probably been the character whose needed the most development, and I hope it continues soon.

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  1. You were spot on about Wytches, the panel arrangement really sold the tension and the characters' dread.
    I picked up Birthright at NYCC and was blown away by how it subverted my expectations.