Wednesday, October 1, 2014

SPOILERS: Grayson #3

Hey! I think at certain points of this issue the writers use "gun" as a euphemism for "penis!" Why, I never! What's next?! Making penis jokes about Dick's name?!

The Spoilers: 

New mission for Dick and Helena, retrieve Paragon's eyes, which are in the hands of an assassin known as The Old Gun, who sees through the end of his pistols after a school shooter apparently killed his children and injured him. Accompanying them on the mission are Agent 1, aka The Tiger and Agent 8, aka... The lady who helps Dick train on the firing range... and later in bed. 

The first attempt to retrieve Paragon's eyes doesn't go well due to Dick's hesitation to use his gun, which Agent 8 blasts Dick on after they come home. Dick contacts Bruce to see if he's got anything on The Old Gun, and finds out that one of his son's isn't dead. Dick ends up finding Old Gun watching over his son, and gets him to give up the eyes willingly, but unbeknownst to Dick, Tiger and Agent 8 followed him, and shoot Old Gun after the trade off goes down. Before Old Gun dies, he ends up taking out Agent 8. With the chaos around him, Dick's starting to get pushed to the edge with this Spyral thing...

Meanwhile, back at Spyral's base, Mister Minos has figured out there was a deeply encrypted signal coming out of their base, and tasks Helena to figure out who it was.


The Review:

First of all, I'm going to say that I thought the page following the last one we saw in the preview (You know, "Dick!") would be a fake out just for laughs... but nah, they were fucking. Oh Dick Grayson, you.

ANYWAYS! It seems pretty early, but I like how Dick is already getting pushed up against a wall here. The big issue from the start for people who do nothing but complain was Dick with a gun, and that's all addressed here. Not only does Spyral sort of fuck up his peaceful resolution with a gun, but a gun also kills someone he at least had basic feelings for. You just get the feeling that this is going to be a turning point for Dick, mentally in regards to his feelings towards Spyral, so I'm interested to see what will come of it, if anything.

All that said, while I've enjoyed every issue of this series, I'm not sure how interested I am with the whole Paragon thing. I'll have to see what comes of it, but so far, the internal Spyral stuff has been way more interesting than what their main mission is. I would eventually like to see Spyral fuck with some of the more established DCU, rather than just talk about it.

It should also be noted that this was Tom King's first scripted issue of the regular series (he did the Futures End issue too). I'll admit that I was a bit concerned going into this issue, given that his scripted part of Nightwing #30 came off a bit clunky for me, but I had no hang ups with how this issue flowed and any concerns I had were quickly put to rest. 

Still a great book, that's for sure.


  1. It was quite good. I liked how rapid-fire events were - a lot happened, it was a complete mission, resolution, and introduced multiple characters and resolved them with only Tiger becoming recurring. He maintained both a level of mystique (because he wasn't over-used or hyped) and a level of down-to-earthness that I think are going to be markers for just what King brings to the writing. And the Janin art was as ever off the charts good.

    So while I'm more interested in the ... Spyral dynamics ... I'm willing to let that be the "season arc" and enjoy the fact that one issue told a complete damn story.

  2. While I really enjoy the basic premise of the series, they haven't really shown a real grasp of how the story will flow and I think this one nailed it.