Wednesday, October 1, 2014

SPOILERS: Detective Comics #35

So, the cover of this issue pretty much says it all.

The Spoilers:

Bruce is looking to take a short vacation from Gotham, but his flight has been delayed, and it's not because of the rain... It's because of a large jet who has lost contact with the ground, and lands despite warnings not to... Lands right into the side of a terminal at Gotham's airport. Naturally, Bruce goes into Batman mode, and starts inspecting the crash. He opens the plane to find the seats full of corpses, all of which look to have been dead for some time. It doesn't take long for an eco terrorist to take credit for the event, claiming that opening the plane has unleashed whatever pathogen killed the passengers, and now it's spreading. Time to quarantine the airport.


The Review:

This is an inventory issue (or arc, counting next month's #36), plain and simple. It's a great looking inventory issue, given John Paul Leon's dense work, but the story itself just comes off feeling generic, nothing interesting or of note really happens. I don't really have much to say about the issue past that. Batman was written like Batman and the art was great, that's all that's really left to say. 

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