Wednesday, October 1, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman/Superman #14

The misadventures of mind wiped Batman and Superman continue!

The Spoilers:

Picking up where last issue left off, Bruce is still goofing off being rich, Selina is still trying to manipulate Superman and Lois is starting to figure out something ain't right. Clark flies Selina off to get answers from her as soon as he finds out she knows something about him, and Batman shows up, just after they leave to "save" Lois from more robots. But he's acting dumb, so Lois realizes there's something wrong with him too. Through various means, both heroes start to try and figure out who they were. Clark uses Toymaster as a point of reference to who Superman was, and after a run-in with Scarecrow which resulted in the death of a few civilians, Bruce seeks guidance from Alfred. Both attempts to remember who they were don't exactly work out all too well. Toymaster's tales of Superman are a bit embellished, and without the memories of his parents, Alfred's story falls a bit flat on Bruce... But oh well, there's some Mangubat guy with robots to fight...


The Review:

This arc is a weird one to talk about, because I'm not sure if any criticism I have against it is due to the fact that neither character has their memories, or I just plain don't like how things are written. Don't get me wrong, there are specific moments in here that play out well, like the conversation between Bruce and Alfred, but at the end of the day... what are they worth to the reader? The whole point of this arc seems to be what makes these heroes who they are... But we already know. I've read countless Batman stories, let alone origin stories, I know what makes Batman, so I don't need to see another "Your parents died and it lit a fire in you justice blah blah blah" so this sort of story just does nothing for me. Then there's the everlasting feeling that this just seems so disconnected and out of continuity... but that's more of a series problem, rather than an individual issue.

You may notice that this book was actually on time...ish. This is because Diogenes Neves and Marc Deering filled in on art. While it's not exactly Jae Lee, they duo do their best to emulate his style, notably in the way he draws hair. June Chung's colors also do wonders to make the issue look as close to Jae Lee's work as it can. 

All in all, it was another issue that just didn't do anything for me, I think I'm done wasting my time hoping to like this book each month. I just kinda don't.

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