Wednesday, October 29, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #30

Given that this is my 30th straight week writing about Batman Eternal, I'm thinking of doing something different with these spoiler posts, just sort of giving the quick rundown of the big events... Let's see how this goes.

The Spoilers:

So, Arkham is shaking to the core, Batman and Julia are occupied with saving an airliner flying over it, and Blackfire is claiming he wins... But then the Spectre finally shows up and deus ex machinas the shit out of the situation, and Blackfire is defeated. Unfortunately, Blackfire's energy was holding the place up, so the asylum starts to crumble. Batwing manages to get Jim Corrigan away, but ends up getting trapped in some rubble, while Alfred is panicking above (while Bane tries to escape from the cell in front of him).

The Asylum falls, and lots of people's lives are lost. Batwing is still alive, but his arms are suck under debris, and his suit's power is fading. All Batwing can do is pray as the power and light to his suit fades. Batman searches through the rubble to find nothing but carnage, and eventually the Joker's Daughter, who was baited away by a man in the shadows during the commotion, and now she's got a bomb vest on or something. 


The Review:

The events of this issue would be big "holy shit" noteworthy type stuff if we hadn't already known it was going to happen for months due to there being a whole book about the consequences. But now it's just like "Yep, the Asylum fell, what else?" I guess the biggest sort of "what happens next" thing to come from this issue would be Batwing's fate, and it could be bad... but I'm truly wondering how many people really care about Batwing's participation in this book. The Spectre's appearance was also just real basic, like I said, he basically just showed up and said "There, I fixed it, peace bitches, I'm out!" and that was that. Just sort of underwhelming like the rest of the issue.

Then there was the art, and as noted during my time reading Simone's Batgirl, I'm just not a real big fan of Pasarin... I don't like how he draws heads, faces, and Batcowls. Everything just looks off to me.

So yeah, through no fault of its own, this was just an predictable issue.

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  1. Yeah, Arkham's destruction but I'm looking forward to the new avenues of story that has been happened because of it.