Wednesday, October 8, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #27

Sins of Catwoman's past come back to haunt her...

The Spoilers:

Remember how Batman took that kid Jade (who is Jade McKillen, related to the McKillen sisters from Batman and Two-Face), well, Killer Croc is out to find her, and she's been handed off to her closest living relative, the mobster whose dog fight Selina interrupted a few issues back. That very same mobster is in the middle of reviewing footage from a drop off he had planned gone wrong, due to Batman and Catwoman's involvement... Jade points out that she knows Catwoman, which she might regret later.

Batman and Catwoman were busting up the gangs trying to find Hush, and it turns out that Catwoman alerted the Whisper gang to this other guys plans, just to f with him. Batman isn't keen on Selina manipulating the underground for her profit, saying they need each other in times like these, but Selina angrily bails on him, leaving the money and saying she's alone.

Batman continues his patrol, notices Flamingo just randomly in the city. He takes the assassin out and finds a note left for him by Stephanie about a hashtag people use to track him and if one was so inclined, it could be used to predict his movements... it also thanks him for taking out the guy who was trying to her.

Catwoman returns to her apartment to find Jade in it... crying. Turns out her uncle/releative/whatever used her knowledge of Catwoman to make a deal with an old friend of Selina's... Bone, from WAAAAAY back at the start of her New 52 volume, who she beat the shit out of with a baseball bat... Well, Bone wants some payback in a similar fashion.


The Review:

Tim Seeley just gets points from me for using Morrison villains and not messing them up. Flamingo didn't say anything in this issue, which is the way he should be! Not whatever that was in Gothtopia with him talking. NO! WRONG!

Anyways, as with most Batman Eternal issues, this one continues to move various plots along, this one being the Catwoman mob boss turn. I'll fully admit I'm a sucker for taking little bits of continuity you'd expect to be one and done things, then forgotten, and using them to a bigger degree... It's what I liked about Layman's run on Detective and Tim Seeley bringing back Bone all the way back from Catwoman #3 is something I appreciate just as much. That sort of stuff makes the universe feel more cohesive and is great for world building. The reveal that Jade is actually related to the McKillens is also something that contributes to that sense, because now she's not just some random street kid, she's actually someone to the continuity... What they do with it, I don't know, but hey, it's something.

Bottom line is that it's another issue of Eternal, things keep progressing like usual. I tend to like the Seeley issues more simply because he uses a lot of characters I'm a fan of as well as bringing back and using older elements in new ways. As someone who is really interested in this upcoming Catwoman heel-turn, I'm really interested in what happens next week.

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