Wednesday, October 15, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman and Robin #35

No more preparation for Apokolips, Batman is at Darkseid's front door, and leaving kicked-ass in his wake. Meanwhile... Cyborg gets trolled.

The Spoilers:

To be honest, Bruce's part in this issue is pretty simple to explain, he's on Apokolips, kicking ass, taking names, saving those considered lowlifes by Darkseid, all that good stuff. He finds Godfrey and does the whole "GIVE ME BACK MY SON" thing, but unfortunately for him, Kalibak is the one he should be punching in the face.

Back on Earth, it doesn't take long for Tim, Jason and Barbara to go "Yeah, fuck this, we're helping out too" which Alfred knew would happen and has prepared a plan and equipment for the trio. First things first, they need to leave the city in the hands of Batwoman and Batwing, then they need to get the living Boom Tube that is Cyborg.

The trio lure Cyborg to the cave on the pretense that the family is still splintered and they're trying to get the holograms that Bruce used to distract the JL to stop in Gotham. So they're all nice and lead Cyborg to a place in the cave to jack-in, theeeeeen trap him in a Internet 3.0 simulation of his pre-Cyborg days and start fiddling around with his internal MotherBox. 

Sure enough, they open a Boom Tube and head to Apokolips, but Cyborg wakes up right before it closes and jumps through too, along with Titus, who was biting his heel. Titus is one down as fuck dog.

Then Kalibak uses the chaos shard and energy stored within Damian's body to blow up a planet or something... I don't know.


The Review:

Another fun issue, glad to see the Bat-Family back, even though the cover for next issue pretty much spoiled that. It's sort of crazy to think about stuff like Barbara being on what essentially is a inter-dimensional strike team, while in her own book, she's hanging out with a bunch of hipsters and what not. Not that I'm complaining, and lord knows I know to keep some things separate in continuity, but it's just sort of goofy in an endearing sort of way.

As for the story itself in this issue, the highlight was the stuff back on Earth, because like I said, Batman's part in this issue can really be summed up very quickly, so I wish there was a little more meat to his part other than just ass kicking. The ending was super weird too, just no context to Kalibak blowing up some random planet other than "OOH, ENERGY!"

Whatever, weird ending or not, this is still probably the story I'm most excited about in the current Gotham lineup. 

P.S. Titus is hardcore as fuck, but damn it, I've got a bad feeling... Don't you do it, Peter Tomasi, don't you do it!

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  1. I totally think the wait, even though it was only 4 issues, were worth it now that we have Batman beating up all the malcontents of Apokolips.