Saturday, October 18, 2014

Batman Beyond Saturdays, 10/18/2014

So, seems like I forgot to do this post for a good portion of the day. WHOOPS.

The Story:

Short story short, Bruce, Terry and Barbara try to figure out what to do while Rewire discovers Dick is trying to escape, so to make things worse, he attaches a node to his chest that continuously shocks his heart, making the timeline for the Bat family that much shorter.

Terry finds out that Rewire got out via his lawyer claiming temporary insanity... his lawyer being Ghoul. So, one trip to Ghoul in the hospital later, and Terry's got an anti-serum to counteract what is powering up Rewire... But when he finally confronts Rewire and injects him, the serum does nothing but make Rewire mad.


The Story: 

Pretty standard issue, nothing of note honestly. I still can't wrap my head around Ghoul legally getting Rewire out of Arkham... First off, shouldn't have Arkham been like "Wait a minute... you are supposed to be here" since you know, this is a guy who leads a gang of Joker worshipers and what not. Even getting past that, the fact that Rewire was sort of welcomed back into society, like his mom allowing him to live at the house again... Shouldn't THEY question "Wait... how'd you get out? You're lawyer is the leader of the Jokerz? Since when? This doesn't seem kosher." It all just sort of bothers me. But oh well.

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