Saturday, October 11, 2014

Batman Beyond Saturdays, 10/11/2014

Batman Beyond 2.0 circles all the way back to the beginning as the series nears its conclusion.

The Story:

Remembering Dick Grayson's face after briefly seeing it during this series' first big arc, Davis Dusk aka Rewire, finds and successfully attacks Dick Grayson in an effort to get to Batman.

Where's Terry? Well, like usual, he's spending time in the Justice Lords timeline with his father. When he gets back, he finds Bruce waiting for him, with a video of Dusk demanding access to the portal to get his father back in exchange for Dick's life. Terry doesn't know exactly what to do, but Bruce does, and destroys a key part of the portal, making it unusable, despite Terry's eventual outburst. Bruce being Bruce, totally puts Terry in his place telling him that 1. Dusk is insane 2. He knows what Terry has been doing and why the portal is important to him 3. Terry is just as insane as Dusk if he thinks that Warren is really his father 4. The only reason why Bruce got the video is because he answered a distress signal Terry wasn't around to pick up. So yeah, Bruce is pretty spot on. 

Fortunately for Dick, he's still got some gas in the tank and manages to escape the ties Dusk put him in, but soon finds out that he's being kept on the offshore rig where he and Terry fought Dusk the first time, so there's no going anywhere. 


The Thoughts:

I haven't been wild about the reintroduction of Rewire so far, but Bruce putting it into context next to terry, and laying the verbal smack down as well, was all worth it for this chapter. Classic "God damn it, Batman knows better" Bruce stuff.

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