Saturday, October 4, 2014

Batman Beyond Saturdays, 10/04/2014

"All In" wraps up as Batman Beyond 2.0 heads towards its conclusion in November.

The Story:

Nothing too crazy in this chapter. There's a fight on the sub between Terry/Melanie, Queen and Inque, and of course the good guys win, because, you know... comics. After the GCPD comes in, Barbara tells Terry they didn't find Two-Face's coin on Inque, so sometime later Terry confronts Melanie about it. Melanie claims she doesn't have it and that Inque was right, you can't change people's minds. So that seems to be done and Terry decides to go to the other dimension to sulk and help other Terry. Meanwhile, Rewire passes a construction site where the Justice Lords battle did some damage, and once he learns about the alternate dimension, he's got a new plan to "right" his wrongs, and go to the Justice Lords timeline and bring back an alternate version of his dad.

The Thoughts:

Last week I pointed out that I really like Melanie, so this week it's a bummer that the book seems to be putting her to bed for the remainder of the series. I guess things have to sort of go back in place with the conclusion coming up, but it's still a bummer. At least it was left a bit ambiguous as to what actually happened. Then the Rewire stuff... I haven't really dug his return all that and mixing in with the alternate timeline again, it's just not something I'm really looking forward to, but we'll see, I guess.


  1. Yeah I liked Melanie too , she's a very interesting character but it will be interesting to find out if she really took the coin. The funniest thing about this weeks issue is that #37 came out for a few minutes on dc digital comic website just before they finished updating and am one week ahead . Then some genius found out and quickly replaced it with #36 .

  2. I just didn't care much for this arc honestly after the Justice Lords and Phantasm being back. It was hard for it to hold my interest so I hope the ending story arc, for now at least, is better.