Saturday, September 20, 2014

Stack Rundown, 09/20/2014

Sorry, a little late on this one... I had real life work to do. Sucks, right? But I do like myself some money, so got to do what I got to do. In terms of comics, Multiversity is crazy, Axis is coming, and lady Thor is on the horizon. Woooooo, comics.

The Multiversity: Secret Society of Super-Heroes #1

I’m not even going to try and recall the full title for this fucking issue, Society of Super-Heroes is good enough. So anyways, basically, this is the second issue of The Multiveristy, given that most all of these issues are just going to be one-shots. This issue had a war between Earth 20 and 40, with Vandal Savage invading 20, when things aligned just right and traveling between two worlds was possible… Reminds me a lot of what little I read of Jonathan Hickman’s New Avengers, but whatever. All the characters in this issue, I’m not really big on, but conceptually, I just loved the issue simply for the insanity. It’s hard to say how all these one-shots are going to build on what came in The Multiveristy #1, but I’m assuming after a couple more, we’ll start to see what the big point of it all is… or who knows, it all could be incredibly crazy and obtuse, leaving me only to try and fake that I know what I’m talking about! Morrison comics! Boy do I love ‘em.

All-New X-Men #32

I’m torn reading this arc, because it seems like it’s going to last for quite some time, and I really couldn’t give two fucks less about the Ultimate Universe than I already do… but it was still entertaining on a very basic level and the art is nice, so I don’t know… I might just stick around for the fun… Never going to care about Ultimate Marvel, though… and I hate “YOU’LL BE STUCK HERE!” last page teasers, because like Sam Wilson “blowing up” on the last page of Captain America recently… No, just no, that’s not what’s going to happen.

Uncanny Avengers #24

I really don’t have much to say about this issue, simply for the fact that it’s pure Axis setup. It’s just basically putting all the pieces into place, so I mean… it doesn’t have that typical grand, crazy sci-fi feel of most Remender “Uncanny” books. That’s the once concern I have for Axis, that it may lose some of that ridiculous feel of the books that have lead up to it, in favor for a more typical event style feel. Regardless, I’m still looking forward to Axis, and whatever comes after that from Remender… and if it’s a book with Ribic on art that just so happens to be called Astonishing Avengers, then great!

Uncanny X-Men #26

I’ve had my problems with Bendis’ X-Men, but every now and then, he does something that makes me it appreciate it a little more, and this time around, it was exhibiting a bit of self-awareness in terms of the whole concept of the book. I’m talking about the scene where the kids are training against the Avengers in the danger room and Tempus (I think that’s his name) basically goes “Wait… why are we training to fight the Avengers?” then some others are all “It’s a revolution” and he basically calls BS. The whole revolution aspect of this book has been a little… well, either dumb or just not there at all. So at least… well, at least… You know, I don’t know what to say after that, but I just know that I liked the fact that a character, and thus Bendis, will at least address the idea from the other end of the spectrum… maybe.

Thor: God of Thunder #25

So, last issue of the series… and to be honest, I sort of just skimmed over most of it. The set up was Thor’s three granddaughters in the future reading stories of his past, and each story was just… sorta just not connected to much, thus why I just skimmed over most of them. The big hook is that the girls of thunder end up finding a book that was locked away, and it tells the story of the new (female) Thor. Then regular dude Thor gets all mad that they found it, and tells them to leave. Book’s called “Unworthy.” So there you go, TEASERS! I’ll be reading the new book in two weeks, because I have generally been enjoying Aaron’s Thor work, despite that one Maleketh arc which I didn’t care for, and I want to see how everything that happened in this title translates to the new one… I’m still betting the new Thor is Roz.

The Wicked + The Divine #4

I’ve been on shaky ground with this book, which has been well documented in these posts every month, but I think this issue is what really made the book click for me. Last issue, I had a big problem with how “theatric” a majority of the issue was. Just a whole bunch of talking and things happening, little of which made any sense or seem to have any purpose, all for the sake of some twisted theatre, it was annoying to me. This issue though, everything just sort of settled the fuck down, and things were more or less played straight. All the cards were laid out on the table, and maybe it was a little borderline spoon feeding, but for me, I just needed something simple for this book to really click with me. The big situation at hand is who, if anyone framed Lucifer, so we’ve got some of the gods basically just going “maybe one of us did, maybe she’s playing a trick, who knows, we’re all going to fucking die soon anyways, so might as well keep Lucifer safe in jail.” Kind of messed up… But then Lucifer finds this out and decides just to use her powers and leave. Luci is the most interesting character here, simply for the fact that she’s the fucking devil, and her morality/reasoning is all sorts of shades of grey, which makes me curious to read more. So, after being on the edge of dropping this book, an issue that just plays things simple is really what I needed, and I’ll be on board for the next arc.

Deadly Class #7

I love this book, but it’s return from post-trade volume release hiatus totally snuck up on me, so I was in for quite a pleasant surprise when I looked to see what would be coming out this week. Some time has passed between #7 and the the last issue (something which I worry about in terms of this book’s extended future, in that there might be too many large gaps, but whatever), and Marcus has settled into life at the assassination school, as well as dating Maria now… but she’s a bit manic depressive, or in other words, “crazy” to a teenage guy. Their relationship and Saya’s presence seem like it’s going to be a big part of this arc, and I’m going to make a (less than) bold prediction that it’s not going to turn out well for Maria. Anyways, outside of that, we learn that Fuckface (I think that might actually be his name) has got his own inbred killers school of sorts, so hooray for some deranged shit? If there’s one thing I’m still missing from this series is that actual school part of it. The book focuses almost entirely on the lives of its characters outside of class, which is fine, but I’d just like to see a better balance of personal and “education.” 


  1. In Multiversity, there was mention of someone helping Vandal Savage and I'm sure there is gonna be reference to someone working behind the scenes in all the issues.
    I thought the latest issue of The Wicked + The Divine was the best one so far because Laura became interesting as a main character.

  2. Re: Multiversity: SOS, I'm interested to find out to what extent DC uses it as a lead-in to the April/May Band-Aid/Crisis or whatever the hell is happening. I'm sure you remember the way that Countdown To Final Crisis had almost nothing to do with Final Crisis. I wonder if the inverse will happen here? Morrison has been thinking about and/or working on this project for nearly a decade, so it may just end up being the authoritative establishment of the new DC Multiverse for the foreseeable future and not so much a "lead-in" to the April/May event, per se. I guess we'll see. Either way, I'm enjoying the madness. (I've been reading Hickman's Avengers and New Avengers from the start, and the similarities to DC's multiverse concepts with "incursions" from other parallel earths is eerie.)

    Looking forward to AXIS since it'll basically be another opportunity for Remender to throw a bunch of random Marvel characters in a blender and make a crazy smoothie out of it.

    I'm glad Jason Aaron is continuing his Thor arc. It's been very good, and he seems to have a fairly long leash to tell his own story without too much editorial muck-up.

  3. I'm with you on Deadly Class. Learning and seeing the kids/young adults' daily lives are fine and all, but dammit, I want to see some school action now!