Saturday, September 13, 2014

Stack Rundown, 09/13/2014

Slim week, but hey there, it's a new Grant Morrison book! Did you know that was happening? I bet not! Because I bet you didn't even know the publisher it is from existed, just like me! Oh well, Morrison! Comics! That's good!

Annihilator #1

Up until recently, I had no idea Legendary Comics existed… Legendary, as in the movie production company. But you put something in front of me with the names “Grant Morrison” and “Frazer Irving” on the cover, I’m likely to not give a fuck as to who is publishing it. Annihilator is a Morrison as fuck story. Struggling eccentric hollywood writer, into drugs, sex, and more drugs and sex, finds out he has a terminal brain tumor, and it’s at that point, that the main character of his most recent screenplay, who is seeking a cure for death, shows up in his house, with a plan to save the universe. Yep. It’s fucking weird as shit, but honestly it’s one of the most accessible Morrison stories I’ve read, so far at least. I’m sure there are all sorts of layers to the story that will be exposed as each issue releases, but this first issue was super easy to pick up and understand, and I wasn’t left doing mental gymnastics trying to figure out just what the fifth dimension was or something. Then you’ve got Frazer Irving’s art… man is it just pretty. Most recently he was on X-Men with Bendis, which I liked, but I’ve got to say, if I’m reading a Frazer Irving book, I’m going to prefer it with a side of super weird, like Morrison scripts usually provide. Those two are just great collaborators, and in a world where Nameless hasn’t been heard from since it was announced, this book will do nicely in the meantime. 

Hawkeye #20

I read a majority of this issue not remembering a single thing as to what’s happened in Kate’s plot. Madame Masque tortures/traps people in LA… LMD. something something… Yeah, no clue. That’s the problem with the tail end of this book, the release schedule has been so stretched out, I just forget everything along the way. The last Kate issue came out in MARCH. Fucking March! So yeah, not going to remember much. At least Annie Wu’s art was great… Where’s she ending up after this series is done? I’ll read it.

Deadpool #34

I’ve grown a bit tired of these specific era “inventory” issues from this series. I just think the gimmick has faded. That said, despite my lack of enthusiasm for this upcoming issue, set in the 90s, it was probably my overall favorite of the whole bunch, given how much it actually tied into the story, and the 90s Leifeldish art was just there, because why not? This issue filled in quite a bit of backstory in regards to the scientist who was abducting Wade, harvesting him, then wiping his memory… but then goes even further by suggesting that his memory might not have been all that bad, as when he torches his old family home (with his parents in it), it becomes clear he knows just exactly what he’s doing… BUT HEY THERE, Deathstroke knock off joke! But yeah, a fairly grim and serious issue, but I definitely think it was the best of these flashback/retro styled issues.

X-Force #9

Still the best X-Men book on the stands, but not enough people seem to get that because the world is an awful place, I guess. Last issue, I wasn’t real big on it structurally, given that it focused on this group of no-name mercenaries, so it should come as a surprise that this issue, with X-Force taking center stage again, I enjoyed the wrap up of this two-issue story much, much more… you know, because there were characters I cared about in this issue? Anyways, more stuff with Volga, lots of funny moments, mostly with Doctor Nemesis this issue, and tons of action. The plot with the bugs and the mutant surveillance came back, and I feel like it’s been missing for awhile, but there was only that one issue between this and the initial one, so I don’t know why it feels like I’ve been waiting so long for that to pop up again… OH YEAH. Because Domino. Damn it, where’s my Domino fix!?

Invincible #114

Well, if there’s one thing this book continues to do, it’s subvert expectations. Here we are with Robot in a standoff/negotiation with the Viltrumites, Invincible on the way, all set up for another big violent issue… and nothing happens. Well, nothing in terms of excessive punching and violence, instead, there was quite a bit of talking. Turns out, Robot has basically taken the place of Cecil, and improved the world drastically at the cost of a good amount of deaths. He makes quite a few comparisons between what he is doing and what Mark did with Dino an arc or two back, and makes a whole lot of sense. This really reminded me of a good ways back when Mark was really at odds with Cecil and his methods, so it’s kind of cool to see how things have progressed and changed a bit. One thing I didn’t like was given the fact that Robot is willing just to capture heroes who would oppose him, then I’ve got to wonder why he just straight up murdered a bunch of other ones. Seems sorta shitty now… well, more shitty. Also, why the hell is Bulletproof still wearing Invincible’s costume? But whatever, point is, this book is always keeping readers on their toes, and it’s damn good at it.

Copperhead #1

Prior to this book, I wasn’t familiar with writer Jay Faerber, but when it was announced, you had Brian K Vaughn throwing out quotes, and guys like John Layman singing Faerber’s praises on Twitter, so after seeing the previews of it, and liking the art quite a bit, I figured I might as well try and, and this first issue was generally pretty enjoyable. Basic story is lady gets new job at alien planet to be Sherrif, she and her son move to planet, it’s kinda a western, there’s mystery, corruption, and pissed off natives… and go! Basically, Sci-Fi western… Sort of reminded me of Six Gun Gorilla a bit, but only in the setting. This issue served as a good introduction to the setting and basic plots, but I didn’t really get a sense of scale, or what this book is eventually going to turn out to be, but I’m sure future issues will shed light on that. One thing that I don’t want to say rubbed me the wrong way, but still, I took notice of, was that the main character, Clara, comes off as really cold and stern, but I’m sure there’s a bunch of character history to get into which provides the reasoning behind that, which is fine, she just wasn’t super likable from the get go. All in all, it was a good start, and this book is unlike any Image title I’m reading at the moment, so I’ll probably stick with it for awhile. 

Velvet #7

I’ve got a confession, I’ve hardly paid any attention to the characters in this book outside of Velvet, so when we get an issue that starts some other guys from the agency who believes she’s a traitor, I’m sort of at a loss. The first guy, Colt… I don’t know who he is, I think he might be new? I can’t remember seeming him before… Should check on that. The other guy, well, Velvet broke his face, so I get that. Weird change of pace sort of issue, but it was still rather good. I liked both men coming around to thinking that everything is not what it seems, and it also probably takes them out of consideration for whoever framed Velvet… but then she goes and straps a bomb to the director’s chest and sends them a photo… Yeah, next issue should be really interesting. 


  1. I'm surprised you've been able to jump into all these Marvel books and understand them, I've been wanting to start reading some of the current Marvel output to see what all the fuss is about but the histories of these characters seems so convoluted at this point that I don't know how it won't be confusing and unenjoyable.

    1. Worrying about the continuity is what kept me away from Marvel initially, but I eventually realized is just sorta didn't matter. I started real slow with some of the NOW stuff, then picked up some past trades to fill myself in on the recent X Men history, and just sorta went all in after that. If I had any questions about a character or their relationship with others, I just looked up wikis, still do sometimes. But yeah, the Marvel U looks more daunting than it is, but like most comics, the current ones just reference other current events, so it's not that hard to dive into.

    2. I guess for me it's not even just continuity in the sense of "needing to know every minor thing that the Avengers ever dealt with" so much as character development. I mean, as an example, Hank Pym has had, like, four or five different costumed identities and then he went crazy and he was married but then he hit her and then he was teaching a new crop of Avengers and...whoa. But I'll take your advice and maybe I will just start reading stuff that's supposedly good.

    3. To me it just sort of doesn't matter. I just look forward in comics most of the time.

    4. Also, part of it is me just not caring about the Marvel U as much as I do Batman. So I let shit slide all the time.

    5. Haven't visited this site in awhile but when it comes to Elektra, black Widow do you feel they're easier access? Like BW #10 brought history with Hawkeye and I just couldn't imagine Matt Fraction's Hawkeye landing Widow

      Also love some Invincible

    6. Black Widow? Yeah, easy enough. There's a bad guy early on in the run that I had no idea who he was and then they off him, but other than that. Easily accessible. And not sure what you meant in reference to Hawkeye, but Nat has shown up in that book too.

  2. Oh! You are not familiar with Legendary Comics? Why, they are the nice people that published the racist and Isamophobic Frank Miller comic, Holy Terror a couple of years back. So yeah... their newest comic is certainly a step up.