Wednesday, September 24, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #25

Remember how we saw Gotham in martial law way back in Batman #28? Well, time to figure out how we got there! Oh wait... it was Hush? Yeeeeeeeah, pretty much... But there's more! I swear!

The Spoilers:

After getting his suggestion for martial law turned down by the Mayor, Bard goes to Vicki and presses her to realase a story saying there are imminent terror attacks to hit Gotham. Despite her reservations to run it, Vicki eventually believes Bard and sure enough... Gotham doesn't take the warning lightly and riots. 

While Bruce tries to confront Bard (who Julia reveals released the Architect), he comes across a hologram of his old friend Tommy, who openly taunts Bruce, telling him how he's going to dismantle him piece by piece, also informing him that he just ran into a trap, that's not going to kill him, but the point is made, that he's rattled and off his game.... Cue the explosion. Said explosion was at Bard's apartment, which the Mayor receives word of, thinking Bard could be dead. But he's not, and Bard just makes it seem like officials are being targeted, so now is the time to insist on martial law once again... Which Hady agrees to.

Running parallel to these events, Tim and Harper are back from Tokyo, and it's not long until he gets word from Jason that they have to meet. Where's the meet up? Well, in Alfred's hospital room, where the two figure out that someone is gunning for Bruce, not just Batman, so they decide it's time to get Babs and have a conversation with the boss... Who they rescue from the rubble after getting blown up in Bard's apartment.


The Review:

Solid issue. I'm not sure how well RM Gurrera's art fits this type of story from my point of view, but who knows, you could love it, I just thought that stylistically, it looked sort of out of place in Eternal so far as a whole. Again, not bad, just different. As for the story, like I said, it was solid. We got the first (sort of) interaction between Bruce and Tommy, even though I'm sure people are going to still hold out and say that it's really the Joker for whatever reason, and we got another "how" answered in regards to the status quo we saw in Batman #28, in regards to the martial law. I'm not sure how I feel about the tease of a Tim/Harper Jason/Babs romance, but at this point, nothing has actually happened, so it's useless to worry about it.

The Bottom Line:

At this point, I've spent nearly half a year talking about the same book every week, so it's hard to say something new. The book is still just chugging along, this was a good issue. I didn't have any problems with it, nor did anything of real shinning excellence stand out. Just a pretty standard good issue of Eternal. I'd like to see things start to get really fucking crazy soon, though.

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