Wednesday, September 10, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #23

Revelations of Selina Kyle's past! ...of which, most readers probably figured out months ago due to Batman #28's spoilers, but nevertheless, REVELATIONS!

The Spoilers:

Despite the gang war being "over," the main conflict has moved underground, where a Black Market leader offers up a rare snow leopard cub to a dog fight. What's the point? Well, the snow leopard is property of Tiger Shark, and those two factions just don't like each other, thus why Tiger Shark comes in with his men, shooting up the place. In the shadows, Catwoman watches, but is forced to act when Tiger Shark shoots the cub, claiming the fur to already be ruined. She gets away with the injured cub, and promises revenge on Tiger Shark.

Elsewhere, Batman is still dealing with the Hush-employed Architect, when the purpose of his attacks on the Beacon Tower are revealed. You see, the Gate family had an idea about utilizing the fault lines in Gotham, something something vibrations, and looky there, an earthquake. While buildings around the tower fall and are damaged, the tower, a symbol of Wayne still remains, much to Hush's displeasure. But, that's probably just going to make him more determined. (Note: this wasn't an quake on the scale of No Man's Land, just throwing that out there.)

Prior to the earthquake, Selina had returned to her home, but wasn't able to save the cub. All the sudden, the girl Jade, who was one of Killer Croc's followers, shows up in her apartment, telling her "he" needs to see her... he of course being Rex Calabrese. So Jade sneaks Selina into Blackgate, and we learn that Rex is indeed Selina's father, which should be surprise to no one at this point. There's more stuff about the baggage of the Kyle name and GOOD LORD, DC's been going on about that forever without doing anything with it, c'mon now. Long story short, Rex suggests that Selina use her true name (Calabrese) and unit the families, control Gotham for the better. Selina isn't privy to the idea (for now), leaves, and drops Jade off with Leslie Thompkins. 

Back to post quake Gotham, the new Commissioner, Jason Bard, meets with Mayor Hady and tells him that they've got reason to believe that the gang war, the disturbances in Arkham, the disease in the Narrows are all connected, and with this disaster, it's time he contact the military and Governor, so they can enact martial law on the city, and retake control... OMINOUS!


The Review:

I like me some Dustin Nguyen illustrated comics. I like me some Catwoman. Mix the two, and you've got a very fun issue in my opinion. I can't help but think the reveals in this issue would have been better had Batman #28 not happened, but the other side of that coin is that the reveals in Batman #28 gave us just a small slice of the Eternal pie, but it was enough to make many readers, including myself, want the whole damn thing. So, while the Selina Calabrese thing isn't a big surprise to anyone, what it does mean is that we're finally getting to what we were promised, the big meat of the story, and that's a good sign. 

The Bottom Line:

This issue really started to catch us up to where Batman #28 left us, with only a few missing pieces to be filled in. Once those missing pieces are put into place, then everything else is up in the air, and it'll all be surprises from there. We've still got a good chunk of issues to go (20 something to be sort of exact) so there's still a lot we don't know, and a lot to look forward to. Outside of the big picture sort of thing, this week it was just great to see Catwoman written well again, and I hope she returns to Eternal in a big way once she becomes Kingpin. 

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