Wednesday, September 3, 2014

SPOILERS: Batman Eternal #22

Alfred is down for the count, Batman is distracted and Hush is back... Things are about to get bad, real bad.

The Spoilers:

Alfred has been taken away to the hospital, but Julia has yet to reach Bruce to tell him the news. She packs up a suitcase to go back to see her father, but before she does, remembers what he said about the grandfather clock, and as soon as she sets it to 10:48, things start coming together for her as she enters the Batcave.

Elsewhere in Gotham, construction on the Beacon Tower continues, but things get a little dicy as The Architect shows up with some henchmen, guns blazing. Turns out that the people who have orchestrated the entire events of the series had been feeding The Architect the blueprints of the tower, so he indirectly designed the tower and can use it as a weapon with some vibrational frequencies. 

Batman notices the commotion at the tower, but just before he goes to it, he connects to the cave to see Julia in it. Despite the surprise on both ends, he learns of Alfred's fate, but has some pressing matters to deal with, and eventually enlists Julia to help him find a way out for the hostages.

On the tower, Bruce sets a zip line for one of the actual architects of it to get away onto a nearby rooftop, as he confronts The Architect (the villainous one). There's some fighting and some "WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR?!" for good measure, but The Architect isn't willing to flat out say who hired him, but he points to a hint in the sound the tower seems to be making... a "Shhhhhh" sound. Bruce asks Julia again where the intruder entered the Manor from and she again says it was the South Library... and then he puts it all together, there's only one man who could have orchestrate this, and the clues have been there the whole time... Hush.

Sure enough, Hush is has already gunned down the other architect who Bruce thought got away. UH OH, BAD GUY!.


The Review:

Hey look, this was Kyle Higgins' first issue... as noted a few times before in various posts, and he did a pretty good job, as the story pretty much remained consistent with what came before it. This was also the first issue Jorge Lucas illustrated and as a guy who has just been showing up here and there on various bat books, I've come to like his style. He's not going to blow anyone away, but his work has a nice grit to it, and I loved how he drew The Architect. 

The Bottom Line: 

Like last week, this issue focused squarely on one plot (more so than last week, actually) which is kind of odd given how the structure of the story had been jumping around from here to there prior to these last two issues. Clearly, the Hush reveal is a big deal, so he gets all the spotlight, but it is kind of odd to have everything else just flat out dropped, especially when a lot of the other plots have been left on cliff hangers, like the Arkham stuff, or haven't been touched upon in a long while, like Catwoman. That said, this was the big turning point of the story, I'm glad we got here, and the Hush stuff just seems to be swelling so that just means exciting times are to come.

(Final note, this pretty much confirms that Julia was the mystery woman in the cave back in Batman #28, if you hadn't already put that together).

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  1. I loved the sense of danger of working without a safety net now that Alfred has been taken off the table. I still get the feeling there's someone behind Hush, like the role Riddler played in the original Hush.