Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Oh Look, It's Cassandra Cain... AND SHE'S GONE

So, today is the start of DC's Futures End month, with all the title jumping ahead five years into the future. Now, while I dropped Batwing a few months back, the inclusion of Leviathan (and eventually Batman Inc.) was enough to pique my interest and get me to check it out this month. Boy, I'm glad that I did... and you'll see why after the jump.

So the image I used for this post, big splash of Batman Inc. operatives getting the drop on a bunch of D-list villains, simple enough right? Well, let's take a look at the uncensored version of this panel.

Notice anything that stands out? Mainly, this lady:

Does that costume look familiar? Because it should.

Because it's Cassandra Cain's Black Bat costume from the original Batman, Incorporated run, only recolored along with a hair dye job.

I'd like to imagine Cassandra was drawn into this issue without someone's knowledge, the pages came back, and someone went "OH SHIT! RECOLOR!" Because it's pretty damn obvious that the "mystery lady" who is never named (the other new guy is named, Kingbat) is indeed Cassandra Cain.

Obviously, there's no conspiracy here, the artist probably got a bunch of references of Batman, Inc. members to draw, and Cass got in there, thus the color job to throw people off the track... But nevertheless, there you have it, Cassandra Cain's New 52 debut*



  1. Like that time John Romita, Jr. drew Superman with red undies in his debut issue, but DC caught it and re-colored it before it went to press. Oh, New 52, you rascal...

  2. She had a line of dialogue! That was a joke about Batman not being talkative! Watch out, DCU ... you're in for it now!

    Fun issue - I was impressed they struck a balance between Batwing coda, showcase for wild Incorporated concepts-yet-to-be, and five years later.