Friday, September 5, 2014

Greg Capullo Potentially Leaving Batman...

In 16 issues... #CLICKBAIT! HAR HAR! Am I interneting right?

Nevertheless, Bleeding Cool is reporting that at a panel spotlighting him, Greg Capullo talked about leaving Batman in 16 issues in order to relaunch his creator owned Image title The Creech, along with Scott Snyder writing it.

That's quite a big piece of news if this ends up happening.

I say "if" because 16 issues is over two years from now, and a lot can happen between now and then... like something could piss Capullo off and he could leave earlier! I kid, I kid... stranger things have happened though.

This shouldn't come as that much of a surprise, as both Capullo and Snyder have said for some time now that they're contracted until issue #50, and we're at #34 right now, so add 16 to that, and you've got your big five-oh right there. Now, the question remains, would that be 16 issues illustrated by Capullo, or simply just 16 issues total, regardless of whether Capullo draws them or not, given he tends not to draw the issues inbetween arcs.

Only time will tell, I guess.

UPDATE: Remember when I said "I say 'if' because" blah blah blah? Yeah, this is pretty much why I made that note:

(Source: Bleeding Cool)


  1. I wonder how it'll be structured too, because aside from the obligatory September derailment and the April "band-aid", Snyder did say recently that he plans on doing a bunch of smaller stories after Endgame. Matter of fact, he planned on them coming before Endgame but he wanted to go big for the 75th. But tangent aside, if they're going to do some smaller stories like the Clayface one and the "Meek" one, one wonders which of these will be drawn by Capullo and which won't be. It makes me curious if Endgame, the smaller arcs, and the second Joker story are the only Batman things left coming from Capullo and Snyder.

    1. Yeah, if time is limited, I'd opt for more substantial stories while they've got Capullo. If he does end up deciding to leave, I can see the Joker followup to be the big finale.

    2. Yeah, I recall Snyder saying he's always thought the Joker followup would be his last for this run, so it'd be the big finale for both of them unless plans have changed(though I'm sure that won't be the last time Snyder writes the character).