Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Futures End, Week 3: Batman and Robin

True story, I was going to include Batwoman this week, but then I remembered I think randomly turning characters into vampires is super lame and only a move that's made when no one actually has any idea what to do with a "spooOooOOooky" looking character... So screw that noise... also I'm dropping the main series too, so there's that. Bye Kate... Call me when DC decides to fix you. Now, on with the show.

Batman and Robin:

Did you read the preview of this issue? Well yeah, that's pretty much the extent of the story. Batman is fighting The Heretic, Alfred is trying to make sure Robin (Duke Thomas, kid from Zero Year) doesn't show up, because Batman is afraid that he'll have a bad case of deja vu. Eventually, Alfred finally tells Duke where Bruce is, after it's clear he's not going to win the fight by himself. Duke shows up just in time, and they both put the Heretic down with some fire, and Bruce is actually appreciative that Alfred disobeyed his order to keep Duke out of it. 

Yeah, that's about it. I was initially a little disappointed that this didn't have more meet to it, but if there's one thing to discuss, it's the question surrounding the Heretic's origin. In the panel I highlighted, Bruce brings up two possibilities, that the Heretic is who he seems to be, or is his clone. You can take this two ways: The first boring way to take it is if "who you seem to be" is just referring to the OG Heretic, or if we want to get interesting, and take the cover of Robin Rises: Alpha into account (specifically what Damian is wearing) "who you seem to be" could be Damian... But given how little Bruce cares that they burned this guy to a crisp, I'm guessing it was the first, boring one. Shit's weird... Apparently there are a couple Heretic's now? Because one is just hanging out with the new Teen Titans for whatever reason. There's also Duke, who becomes Robin three years from now if we're to believe this future ever comes to fruition... and I don't know, I don't mind him, I liked the tie-back to Zero Year, but given the 99% certainty I have that these futures will never come to fruition in regular continuity, I don't see a reason to care, especially when there's so many questions lingering about Damian's potential future.

So yeah, I was a little disappointed at the lack of insight into what's actually going on with Damian. This could have been a good place to seed some ideas about the conclusion to "Robin Rises" but if they're there, it's hard to tell. The issue was written well and Dustin Nguyen's art is fantastic as always (highlighted by a couple of panel packed fighting pages), but it just left me wanting more. 


  1. I was dissuaded of any connection when I saw Ray Fawkes name as writer but I found the character story and the idea of Duke being Robin is cool even if it doesn't actually happen in continuity.

  2. Dustin Nguyen's artwork was stellar here, though - the mega-panel fight scenes were really nice. It felt denser than it was because of all the delicious art.

  3. You should check out Batwoman. It was better than I expected, and provides a glimpse into what Andreyko will being doing for this next arc. Kate is the worst thing about the issue - but that's been a common theme since Andreyko took over - however, the real star of this issue is Alice!