Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Futures End, Week 2: Batman

I only got one of these issues to write about this week, so why not do a full regular post? ...Because I don't wanna! So, there.


The short end of this issue is that it's basically the prequel to Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy's "Year 200" story from Detective Comics #27, you know, the one where Bruce uses memory implanted clones of himself to ensure that there is always a Batman? Yep, that one. Here, we see the start of it, as five years into the future, Bruce's body is broken, and he's basically kept alive by a false spine, pain killers, and a whole bunch of other stuff in his suit that's keeping him together. Bruce hasn't had a whole lot of luck making clones, so he goes to the one last place where he can get the tech, Lexcorp. Battling through Lex's security, he eventually finds his way to the B-0 cloning facility and finds Bizzaro. Fights, fights, fights, Bruce's body is dying, but he eventually gets the tech and successfully clones himself for the first time.

The "Year 200" stuff was probably the most notable story in that issue of Tec months back, so I'm not surprised we're getting more of it, and I won't be surprised if this isn't the last of it. I certainly enjoyed that story, so it shouldn't be a surprise that I enjoyed this issue as well. A big part of the action (well, all of it) is Bruce infiltrating LexCorp, with a security recording of Lex, explaining how badly whoever is inside is going to die, then starting to wonder who it actually is when the deeper levels of security are activated. Of course, the recording eventually just goes "You're Batman, aren't you." Game recognize game. That was probably the most entertaining element of the issue. One thing I didn't like was the typical Batman comic science jargon which to me are just a bunch of words that don't mean anything, had the same sort of problem with the Zero Year finale and the machines everyone was using. But oh well, could be worse. 

So once again, if you enjoyed "Year 200," pick this one up, as it really has nothing to do with Futures End proper, but instead just uses the five year time jump as a vehicle for a much more compelling story.


  1. So in your opinion are all the Future End story (Years Later) are story that could happen or will happen?

    1. It's not really an opinion, all the Future End stories are "what ifs" essentially. They're that way because regardless of what happens in them, the regular continuity will never reach this point because time doesn't pass realistically in comics.

  2. I also loved all the little references like the "Allen component" for the gizmo that allowed Batman to use Flash's powers.