Monday, September 1, 2014

Detective Comics: Futures End #1 Preview

Talking to Alfred? WELL! I guess he survives Batman Eternal which is apparently completely ruined now! Way to go DC, SPOIL EVERYTHING WHILE YOU'RE AT IT!

(Sarcasm intended)

(Source: DC Comics)


  1. I know that five years in the future in this issue, but it annoys me how they ignore the huge changes in status for Alfred, Dick, Selina and Arkham on the second page. I suppose it's a safe, if not boring, bet that they will all be back to normal in five years time, but don't cheapen the stories you already have with a book saying "everything turns out ok" well you still have things in the works.

    1. I know what you are saying, but did they really brush the changes off all that flagrantly? Arkham hasn't gone back to normal, it's a new facility designed by the Riddler. Yeah, it isn't at Wayne Manor anymore, but did anyone really think that would stick? Selina and Bruce's relationship continues troubled by the "even Selina" comment. And yeah, it seems that Dick is back among the living. Did anyone really think Dick being "dead" was going to stick, either? Or that Alfred wouldn't survive Eternal?

    2. Of course the changes won't stick, especially for as far in the future as this is set, and I can see the Arkham thing, but considering Futures End is supposed to be a "glimpse as to where we could be in five years", it feels like it undersells the current status. Kinda takes away the suspense and impact of things if one comic tells you it's a big deal and another says "give it a few years, nothing lasts". But, I suppose it makes sense it would do so, as it's a tie in to another event, and events do like to ignore or mess with continuity. Look at Nightwing for proof of that.

  2. For a second I thought Batman was punching Jim Gordon in that pic lol