Saturday, September 27, 2014

Batman Beyond Saturdays, 09/27/2014

Was super busy last week, so I didn't get to this post. Whoops? Anyways, to make up, this post is going to cover the last two chapters, there, everything worked out!

The Story:

Terry gets back from the Justice Lords dimension, and since the portal is in the cave, he finds a folder on the Royal Flush gang's current events. Despite Terry's annoyance that Bruce continues to involve himself, Dick points out that if Terry feels like he needs to keep using that portal, they're going to have to put up with him.

Elsewhere, Inque's plan seems to be to use Queen's need for a new Ten in the gang as a way to get Melanie close to her "mother," who is notoriously reclusive. She'll use that opportunity, and her new found resistance to water, to piggy back in on Melanie, so they can disarm and rob the Royal Flush gang. After some resistance, Melanie seems to be on board.

Terry, who is also trying to find the Royal Flush gang, comes to a dead end with Jack, but notices a bat signal flashing in the sky. Turns out Melanie, in her Ten gear, is trying to contact him. Terry fears the worst, but Melanie tells him to trust her, and that this can be an opportunity to take both Inque and the Royal Flush gang down.

So the night of the plan comes, and Melanie secretly accompanied by Inque get invited into Queen's sub, and execute their plan. Once Inque gets the treasure she came for, which seems to be Two-Face's old coin, she basically tells Melanie that she's being double crossed and plans to leave... Which is great for Melanie, because she doesn't have to feel bad about double crossing Inque, with Terry appearing behind her.


The Thoughts:

Well, I always like Melanie more than Dana, so consider me to be pretty happy that she's not turning back into a criminal, so that's cool... The part that weirded me out about these two issues was that David Dusk aka Rewire, who killed his dad and was locked in Arkham, until he was recently released to the custody of another Arkham inmate, was just wandering around trying to go back to normal life. I don't understand why Arkham would release David to Ghoul, and am I supposed to be sympathetic to David realizing no one likes him anymore... you know, since he killed people? It just feels weird. I don't know, but whatever, Melanie isn't evil again, so that's good.

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