Saturday, September 6, 2014

Batman Beyond Saturdays, 09/06/2014

Rewire has been broken out of Arkham, but he's not Ghoul's only target for a new (and improved) ally.

The Story:

Turns out that Terry has been traveling back and forth between the Justice Lords timeline and his own, helping the Justice Lords version of Dick Grayson train the Justice Lords version of himself to become Batman. Terry also uses this time to meet with his father, who remains alive in the JL timeline. We later find out that Terry has been using Bruce's portal, and things are still tense between them.

Elsewhere, Ghoul sets Rewire up with an apartment under a fake name, and informs him of a new formula that will enhance his powers, without the mental effects. But that's not Ghoul's only target to offer this new power enhancement to, as later on he meets with Inque, who is intrigued with the offer. 

The Thoughts:

I was expecting an epilogue for the last story, just based on how these issues are released in print (four to an issue, the last story had 7, so figured there'd be one more story to fill out the fourth chapter in the next issue) but I guess we're starting the new story arc already! Okay. 

Anyways, other than Inque's return, there wasn't a whole lot to go off from with this issue. The bad guys are up to stuff... That's about it. We've also got the Justice Lords stuff, which I'm iffy on. It's not that I don't like it, but it's one of those things where hopping between dimensions with the ease of just walking through a doorway whenever you want diminishes the concept of alternate universes for me. So if the Justice Lords stuff is going to be a regular thing, I can see myself being disinterested in it.

Regardless, I liked Inque from the show, so despite really not having any idea what's going on past "maybe the villains will be stronger" I am looking forward to whatever it is that is coming.

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