Saturday, August 23, 2014

Stack Rundown, 08/23/2014

Multiversity actually came out this week, so basically fuck every other comic in existence, right? Game, set and match. Morrison wins. Everyone else might as well quit.

Well, not quite... but damn was Multiversity perfect insanity.

The Multiversity #1

After waiting god knows how long for this project to happen, I read the first issue, but I’m still not completely sure it exists. In fact, I don’t know what’s real anymore. Are you real? Is this website real? Am I real? Fuck if I know… But damn, that comic. I don’t think I’ve read a single issue with as much of a laser focus as I did reading this. I was expecting dense, crazy Morrison shit, and that’s exactly what I got. Make no mistake, this is kind of the follow up to Final Crisis, and essentially it’s telling a “Crisis” level story, just without the regular universe we all know. Shit is bananas though… It has everything from a comic published by DC ending the fucking universe, Captain Carrot and cartoon physics, and essentially saying the Marvel universe is just a parallel earth in the DCU, but without breaking any trademarks and copyrights. It’s just insane, it’s your standard (which is anything but) Grant Morrison craziness, and damn did I love it. Really interested in seeing how the book functions for the next seven issues, as this was the bookend chapter, and the next issues are one shots around the multiverse. 

Teen Titans #2

There are parts of me that want to hate on a bunch of little shit in this book. It’s trying a bit too hard with all the “YOUNG PEOPLE!” sort of things and I really don’t like it when comics use off-brand proxy names for things from the real world. Chipper = Twitter, ⌘ = #, Crabby Cat = Grumpy Cat. I just scoff at that sort of stuff, I think it’s cheesy and tends to date stuff in a poor way. Who’s going to give a shit about Grumpy cat in six months? My point exactly. But despite all that nitpicking, I am still enjoying the title. It’s light hearted, fun, and has some damn fine looking art. When you consider what this book came from? It’s a MASSIVE improvement from all the nonsensical crap that was going on before. So I’ll cringe at every time this book tries to go “HEY LOOK, YOUTH CULTURE!” but, it’s a small price to pay if we’re getting a generally fun, and much improved Teen Titans title.

Secret Avengers #7

So… Ales Kot writing Deadpool is pretty fucking great. The two main Deadpool interpretations I’ve read have been Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Force and the current Duggan/Posehn book, neither of which are real big on the “Hey, we’re in a comic book” four wall breaking… But Ales Kot, he’s real into it, and we get everything from caption boxes for Ales, Wade referencing the solicit text being inaccurate, him being there for sales, and Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye book… and man, was that fun to read. Still a little confused what he was doing with AIM, but oh well, him trying to explain their 3D reality being a 2D one to another 3D reality was pretty great, and fairly appropriate coming on the heels of Multiversity form me. The rest of the plot? Eh, I don’t know, Deadpool sort of stole the show for me, haha. I will say that I am very interested in seeing what Hill’s true purpose for Spider-Woman is, as she’s been the one character in the book who besides befriending a sentient bomb, hasn’t really done much as of yet. Since Spider-Woman is the character I know the least about next to Hawkeye and Black Widow, she was the one I really wanted to see more of going into the book, so happy it’s finally happening. 

The Wicked + The Divine #3

I swear, every other scene in this book I’m thinking “Wtf is this, I’m going to drop it” or “You know what, this is pretty okay.” There’s no middle ground for me. Let’s give some examples of what I mean. Early on in this issue, two gods are… fighting? Yelling at each other? Threatening each other? Something like that…. But it really turns out that they’re just being theatric… I think. Regardless, we have these two characters just talking in circles, not saying or really doing anything, and it goes on for what seems like half the book… all for theatrics. At times, this book just seems like it’s up it’s own ass, if I’m being honest. I mean, I gave Teen Titans a little shit for trying to be “with it.” But man, this fucking book sometimes… All that said, when everything calms the fuck down in this issue, and becomes a bit more straight forward, I like it a whole lot more. The core concept of the series is great, and the main plot of which of these gods potentially framed Lucifer is real interesting. When Luci is going through each of the gods one by one, detailing their relationship and potential motive (or lack of one) THAT is what interests me in the book, that’s what I want to read, not a whole bunch of whatever the hell the first scene was.

The Fade Out #1

This book really snuck up on me, because Fatale ended with an oversized issue, what…. not even a month ago? Maybe a full month? And here we are, with another 40 page issue from Brubaker and Philips launching their new, fantastic series. If you haven’t heard of this particular title, it’s a classic murder/mystery in post-WWII Hollywood. Main character wakes up from a crazy night of partying, finds himself in the house of the starlet who’s in the movie he’s working on, finds starlet was strangled to death. From that point on, it just goes down the fucking drain for the main character, there are cover ups, questions asked, and discoveries that don’t make things any better for our new pal, Charlie. It was a great setup issue, with all the elements you’d expect from Brubaker and Philips, who seem to always be on top of their game when working together. The setting of classic Hollywood really also drew me in, because if you want to tell a murder mystery that’s sure to involve all sorts of sex, drugs, and violence, then sleazy classic Hollywood is the place. Definitely looking forward to where this one is going next.

Dark Engine #2

So after a first issue that was a little obtuse, and some articles that explained the concept of the series better than that issue did itself, here we are at the second issue, and going in with a better understanding of the series, I’ve got to say that I quite like it. There was a bit of world building between the scenes of Sym back in ancient Egyptian times, which gave me a better feeling of the world the characters live in… Imagine Aliens meets The Last of Us, with spore shooting face huggers. YUP. Pretty good reason to send some crazy shit back in time to kill your enemy before they drop that on the world. My only problem with this particular issue was that Sym didn’t do anything. I guess she was just passed out the whole time in Egypt? And out of no where she just gets transported again. After the crazy action and violence in the first issue, having her comatose was a bit of a let down.

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