Saturday, August 16, 2014

Stack Rundown, 08/16/2014

Marvel heavy week this time around, didn't read anything else from DC, other than the books covered here, and there were only a couple of Image releases. I can't say that I miss the times when I had 12+ books to cover in this post each week.

Original Sin #7

So, some stuff happened! I sort of wished we knew the “why” of it all going into the final issue, because now you know there’s a final issue info dump incoming, but oh well. So Thor gets unworthy when Nick Fury tells him something! That makes my forgetting to read the latest issue of the Thor/Loki mini series all the easier, as I thought that would be where Thor becomes unworthy… but man, timing/continuity is real weird with this event. Cap, Thor and Wolverine all being here just seems sorta weird, but whatever, not like it’s anything new. But yeah, with the final issue coming up and this being the first Marvel event I’ve read issue to issue, still got to say I’m kinda disappointed in it. The book just took its sweet time getting to the point and I’m still not sure it’s even there yet. Oh well, Axis definitely seems way more up my alley given my enjoyment of Remender craziness.

Deadpool #33

Well, this arc is done! Wade saves his daughter! Annnd… yep. There you go. I guess they’re just buying time until the Axis tie-ins happen, as there wasn’t a whole lot of setup for what comes next (unless a lot of it has to do with the North Korean clones), and the following issue is going to be one of those time traveling decades one. All said, this was probably my least favorite arc so far, just spent too much time on the Dazzler/Vampire thing (which Deadpool fully admits he forgot about this issue…) and just didn’t have the heart after that. I just found myself not giving a damn about his daughter, when all is said and done she was just sort of there. 

Captain America #23

After last issue’s #FireRickRemender nonsense, and the person who started that claiming this book ruined their life for multiple reasons, I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off at the final page where one of those bullet points of life ruining nonsense turned out to be a total fake-out. HA! Imagine that, comic fans on the internet negatively overreacting to something and spitting out all sorts of bullshit because of it. So yeah, lots of stuff from the first Dimension Z arc coming back but I get the bad feeling that something is going to happen to Zola… then again, something bad happened to her brother and Sharon, but look how that turned out. I guess this is the first issue that’s been released since it was confirmed Sam is taking over the role as Cap. My thoughts? Cool, whatever… Seems like Batman Beyond, but I love Remender’s work so I’m gonna read it.

X-Force #8

This was a really weird issue, that’s for sure. While I really love this series, one of the things that annoys me from time to time is how jarring things can be in the transition between issue to issue. Last issue ended on Fantomex getting his crazy release by murdering the daily Cable clone, Domino having been captured by some guy who has surveillance on all mutants, watching it, and who knows what the fuck else… This issue starts with the POV of some “British Soldiers” in the middle east, who get attacked by X-Force because they were using whatever Volga’s technology is. Like I said, super jarring. I just didn’t like the fact that this issue was from some random nameless characters who I (and probably no one) cares about’s point of view. Oh well, a swing and a miss for me, now lets get back to Domino.

All-New X-Men #30

A relationship issue! Kinda of weird at some points, but enjoyable and fun in others. The whole Angel/X-23 thing just seems forced and out of no where to me. As someone whose X-23 reads begin and end at the Kyle/Yost X-Force, I don’t have a lot of thoughts on her, but seeing her go dancing at a club is kinda weird… Whatever. Kitty Pryde and Chris Pratt, whatever. And now Jean Grey and Emma Frost are besties. That whole stand off probably was the best part of the book… But then we get to the ending, and it seems clear that this was supposed to come out earlier, because it ends on the other X-Men being like “we need Scott for the Prof. X will reading.” Oh, you mean the story that’s already two issues in and I believe ending in the next week or two? Yeah, that was coordinated well.

Zero #10

When an issue has like 10 pages with no text, it’s sort of hard to talk about it. So here we have Edward trying to move on with his life in Iceland. He’s living the life working in a restaurant then… wanders into an open play and some stuff is said that relates to him on some deep level, but I had lost interest in the issue by then, soooooooooo, yeeeeeeeeah… Then it ended!

Sex Criminals #7

I’m just now realizing everyone’s last name in this comic is a sex pun. Suzie Dickson, Jon Johnson, Myrtle Spurge… Yeeeeeah. Maybe not Suzie’s roommate… I mean, I guess “Jackson” could be a pun if you really try hard, but not the best. Anyways! So a new issue of Sex Criminals! They’re not alone, not by a long shot! Who wants to bet now the story becomes “if there are so many people like us, maybe us being together wasn’t fate or destiny or any of that crap, just coincidence?” That seems to be where things are going now that the fiery passion has subsided between the two protagonists. Maybe they’ll drift apart! Maybe they’ll then come back together! Tropes! Heavy, heavy stuff… good thing there was a dildo fight in a sex dungeon, got to keep the dumb in there! What is this book!?

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