Saturday, August 9, 2014

Stack Rundown, 08/09/2014

Shortish week, aided by the fact that I combined two issues into one write up, and forgot to buy the third issue of the Thor/Loki Original Sin series. Why not just buy it now? Well, I figure if I forget to buy something, it's clearly not that important to me in my mind, so what's the point? I'll see Thor later when he becomes unworthy and the new one takes his place!

Green Arrow #34

Well, I’m never getting excited for any comic ever again thanks to Green Arrow! One of my few disappointments with the Lemire/Sorrentino Green Arrow was that we never got much of Oliver in his city, like Batman in Gotham. Then after a long year or so arc, we finally do get back to Seattle and I’m excited, but then motherfucker, they’re done with the book. God damn it! So yeah, that sucks, and it also sucks that this was the last(ish) issue for Lemire and Sorrentino. I don’t know, I don’t got much to say about it, as it just felt sort of typical to me. It was a typical “last issue of a run, but not necessarily the book, so here’s a final ‘this is just the beginning’ splash page, and the new creative team takes over next month” ending. Everything wrapped up nicely, no real dangling plot lines other than Count Vertigo is out there somewhere, and the next team is going to take over at a very safe and standard status quo. I don’t know if I’m going to continue on with the book honestly, I have some reservations of DC just getting the TV shows’ writers to take over, for various reasons, but as a fan of the show, I’ve got some sort of morbid curiosity towards it despite my better judgement.

Swamp Thing #34

I got to say, I’m a fan of Capucine’s way of dealing with Lady Weeds. What’s the most punishing thing you can do to a former avatar that despises being in a human body? Paralyze her? YEP. It’s almost poetic. Like Green Arrow, I don’t have a whole lot to say about this issue either. It was good, consistent, all that jazz, but not necessarily a standout to me. Kept doing what it does best and whatever, I like it… Man, I’m starting to realize that this is my general feeling towards most of the DC stuff outside of Batman that I read, and those titles have been dropping off my pull list one by one… Not this book though, I do really love it, just not much new to say this month.

The Punisher/Black Widow #9

I’m writing about these two books as one, because they pretty much were the same issue. Both issues told the same story from different points of view, which was a pretty cool idea, although the way the non-titular character sort of shows up, disappears for a bit, then comes back in the end would probably make someone who didn’t read the other series have an itch they can’t quite scratch, though, I guess it wouldn’t be important to them if they weren’t reading the other series anyways. I did have a few minor problems with these two issues, for one, this may be due to how many books I read and have to keep up with, but I keep sort of forgetting what the main threat is in Natasha’s book, like I had no idea what she was even looking for on this boat, I had to go back and remind myself that someone infiltrated SHIELD, and it was completely different that someone infiltrating SHIELD in Secret Avengers which Natasha is also in, so as you can see, I could get confused... I should probably start taking advantage of Marvel’s recap pages, huh? Then the way the book ended on Punisher’s end, it goes from Natasha pointing a gun to his head, to him being locked up in a South American prison, which is a bit jarring, and a little to close to him being locked up by South American drug lords like he just was. Get back to LA, AIM and Domino! That’s what I want to see.

Nailbiter #4

You know what this book reminds me of? Scooby Doo, and that’s pretty alright by me. I mean, just think about it… Guy comes to town he’s not familiar with, there’s some masked hoodlum going around terrorizing people, and when said guy gets unmasked he goes “I had this reason to do it,” but instead of blaming some stoner and his talking dog on getting caught, the dude just shoots himself in the head. M rated Scooby Doo! It’s fun, and it’s one of those books where I’m curious to see what happens after the first volume, when it really starts to establish itself as an on-going with some length. But yeah, I’ve been enjoying the series, and while it may not be that one Image book I completely rave about, it’s been consistent from the start, releases on time, and I’ve got hardly anything to knock against it. I’m not even a real big fan of serial killer stories, yet I’m finding this one to have just enough mystery and personality to it, which keeps me reading. 

Hack/Slash: Son of Samhain #2

I’m still just real happy that Hack/Slash is back. But if we ignore the fact that I’d probably just buy anything with “Hack/Slash” on the cover regardless of quality, I’ve got to say I am equally happy with the direction this book’s new story has taken. Hack/Slash has always had good character development, and the new title hasn’t wasted any time with getting to the meat, dealing with how Cassie reacted to Vlad’s death, her life trying to get “out of the game” and her eventual return to it. The diner scene with her and Delroy, especially the allusions to Samhain and his eventual fate was really great, and I can’t wait for more of that type of stuff. The central threat on the other hand sure is going to be interesting… Some primordial god beast monster that’s as big as a house isn’t necessarily a slasher now, is it? It’s going to be interesting to see how that’s handled physically, once that time comes. It’ll also be interesting to see how this book is handled past this initial story, but as of now, I’m just having fun with it and not worrying about that. 

Invincible #113

Well, this certainly wasn’t nearly as violent as I had expected it to be… I mean, some poor sap did get ripped in two, and The Immortal got an arm ripped off, but that’s like My Little Pony level shit for Invincible at this point. We did get a number of developments this issue, which will of course be big going forward. Atom Eve doesn’t seem all that mad at Mark anymore, I guess having the baby and robotic leg will do that to you, but of course, he’s not into being physically touched by women at this point, due to the rape thing, so that’ll be an interesting discussion to read. Then we got Robot making the Viltrumites a proposal of cooperation, which… I could see that happening, or at least leading to a conflict within their ranks, and then there’s just your general havoc and mayhem. It definitely feels like the conclusion of this arc is going to be another game changer, and lord knows, there’s been a lot of those already, so it’ll be something trying to match up to the previous ones.


  1. I thought the ending of Swamp Thing was pretty poor, considering that it relied on the Wolf having a major change of heart. Excited for where it is heading.
    Also, I read the Poyo Chew one shot and Low because of your reviews, and now I want to read more Chew and Rick Remender stuff. I know you're a big Remender fan, so which series of his would you recommend to someone who liked Low first?

  2. Black Science and Fear Agent are both right up there with Remender sci-fi stuff. Black Science would be easier to get into since there's only one trade plus an issue out at the moment. Fear Agent has been done for some time and I think the trades are coming back into print. Deadly Class is real good too, but not sci-fi at all.

    1. Thanks, I'll check out Fear Agent and probably Black Science once it's done.