Saturday, August 2, 2014

Stack Rundown, 08/02/2014

Comics happened this week! How do I know? A new issue of Hawkeye actually came out, so that definitely means comics happened!

Justice League #32

How about that new Doom Patrol? I’ll be honest, I’m not really a Doom Patrol fan, but like the Justice Society (initially), I’m open to the New 52 convincing me to care…. and given that the Justice League barely appeared in their book called Justice League, it certainly seems like Johns is going to be trying to make me care. So boy, that Chief sure is a dick, right? Right. We meet the Doom Patrol, Luthor hires Captain Cold as his security officer, I still don’t really like Cold as a member of the league (I don’t see the point) and Power Ring! Johns is basically coming off of an event and in full-on event set up mode now. Hell, he even unofficially announced the Darkseid War coming. I’m torn, because I really like some of the stuff Johns does in setting stuff up, like tying Power Ring back to Volthoom in the end of his Green Lantern run, but at the same time Johns being the exclusive DC event writer, because after Forever Evil, I’m not really psyched on another Johns event at the moment. Oh well, we’ll see… Maybe it’ll be a self-contained arc in Justice League… hahaha, yeah, no.

The Wake #10

Remember with Batman #33 when I said I wasn’t a huge fan of whenever Snyder starts explaining his comic science, well yeah… total info dump here. It got to a point where everything was being explained where I just got lost. Between all the info that was being thrown at me and just having forgotten some of the other stuff throughout the length of this series, I was just left a bit confused. The Mers are some way of nature keeping itself in check or something… giant spaceship and the moon blows up? Yeah, no fucking clue what’s going on. While I enjoyed the book, I think this second half felt really rushed. I’m still not really sure what the antagonists deal was, other than they were the new world government, and having everything explained in one final go of it, like I said, just sort of left me confused. It’s a slippery slope with me, and once I start going “Wait, what?” it’s all downhill from there, and I just can’t keep focus on what’s trying to be justified on page. Oh well. Art was great, so there’s that.

Uncanny Avengers #22

I need to keep track of Marvel solicits more often, because I’ve got absolutely no clue where this one is going… Well, I should rephrase that, I’ve got no clue where this is headed in between now and AXIS. So, Kang is dealt with… the end? I don’t know what else there is to say about that, Havok forces Kang to retreat after refusing to listen to him, gets his face all messed the fuck up, and doesn’t get his daughter back… The end. Sure, there’s some stuff with the remaining horsemen, I guess Ahab is going to do some stuff, and… whatever else… Yeah, I don’t know, sort of a weird ending for me, didn’t really do a whole lot. If anything, with the things that were teased, it seems as if Remender might have plans for the series past AXIS, which many have began to think will be his exclamation point on all of his Marvel work, as he’s been doubling down on the stellar creator owned work of late. Who knows, really? All I know is that if he continues on past AXIS, I wouldn’t hate it!

Uncanny X-Men #24

So, anyone else notice that this story has absolutely nothing to do with Original Sin, yet it’s an Original Sin tie-in? Yeeeeah, I see what you did there, Marvel. And talk about me needing to read solicits from Marvel more, I thought this story was a two parter, apparently not! It’s three? Maybe four? All know is that it ends right before the will gets to the juicy parts… other than the fact that Prof. X married Mystique. Emma’s reaction was priceless. Other than that, not a whole lot else happened other than nearly half the issue being spent on some new mutant who I don’t give a crap about at the moment. Booooooo. Art’s nice though… Although, I don’t like how you can still see the crosses on some background characters’ faces that are used by artists to mark where eyes nose and mouth should be. Erase that shit! Or just put some dots for eyes in there.  

Secret Avengers #6

There’s so much going on this book, all riddled with secrets, that it’s at times hard to keep up with everything that’s going on, but that doesn’t mean the style of the book isn’t enjoyable as all hell. There’s definitely a good ratio of style/substance going on, and all the entertaining bits are definitely backed up by a story that just seems to be going deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. This issue had everything from Street Fighter homages to ridiculous Deadpool reveals…. and that’s going to be what could really kick this book into further insanity, Ales Kot writing Deadpool. Can’t even wrap my head around that one… And there’s still so much else going on, fuck only knows what’s going on with Phil, Black Widow is in some other dimension now? Sentient bomb has a brother/sister? God, I don’t fucking know. This book is weird and I love it. 

Hawkeye #19

I read this issue, and I still don’t believe it actually happened. Are we sure it didn’t get delayed again? I’m pretty sure that’s what happened… but just incase it’s real, man, I probably shouldn’t have slacked through those ASL classes in college. This was the sign language issue that’s been fabled for months now, so a good deal of it is told through ASL, or faulty lip readings between Clint and his brother. While I didn’t understand much past the basic alphabet and a few signs which I just sort of got because of visual context, it was interesting just to see something different, much like the Pizza dog issue… although, if I’m being honest, the Pizza Dog issue was way better, just because. But anyways, it was clear by the solicit before last, but the book is coming to an end and finally after long last, Clint is asking someone for help. Should be a good final arc.

Low #1

Unfortunately, I read this issue in a really distracting environment, but got back to it in order to skim through again and get a better grasp on it, and fucking surprise… Rick Remender has yet another new series I’m probably going to enjoy. Going into this book, out of Remender’s three current books, I knew the least about it… I knew it was sci-fi, people had to live underwater because the surface was irradiated, but past that, nothing. For awhile, I was sort of just questioning everything I knew, because the first half of the issue is happy family stuff, then sure enough, Remender happens, shit goes bad, kids get get napped, husbands mutilated, and sci-fi shenanigans. So I guess the basic story is about Stel, the wife of the family, an eternal optimist in a world without any, trying to get her family back. Solid start. But, Remender isn’t the only one to talk about, as we’ve got Greg Tocchini’s stellar art. Not going to lie, when I read books drawn by Tocchini like Batman and Robin or Uncanny X-Force, I wasn’t a huge fan, but with stuff of his own creation, I love his work. Super unique and beautiful looking. There’s a panel here and there that looks a bit off putting, but overall, dude is a fantastic talent, and stands right up there next to Scalara and Craig as yet another awesome artist on a Remender written book.

Chew: Chicken Warrior Poyo #1

I’m not real sure what to say about this issue, as it’s not really a book that’s meant for analyzation or anything like that… Basically, you got Poyo, the cyborg chicken killing machine, and he’s sent back into some mystical fairy tale dungeons and dragons land to fuck shit up. It’s totally ridiculous, just as the last Poyo special was… Vegetable monsters, ultra violence, and dumb jokes galore, definitely one of the more enjoyable books that I read this week. 

C.O.W.L. #3

Did you know that beautiful women in the public eye during the 60s were objectified? No? Well, C.O.W.L. #3 is here to teach you some stuff! This issue focused in on the union’s only female hero (that we know of, at least) Radia, and showed what life is like for her. I’m going to be honest, I felt the general arc was a bit cliched, first we see her trying to turn down special treatment from someone she saved, then being present for a magazine interview only to be pretty for the cameras and give beauty tips, and finally she gets a “She’s not just a set of long legs and pretty eyes” badass moment at the end. Granted, it certainly was a badass moment threatening the logical gang/mafia with Eclipse, but I thought the intent of this spotlight on her was just a bit too obvious. That said, it’s not like I don’t like the character, because it’s clear that she’s more than what the public sees her to be. Past that, we got to see some C.O.W.L. negotiations, some indications that there are some super hero villains we’re yet to know about, and the internal investigation within the union is getting deeper and more dire. ALSO, the art is still fucking fantastic. I’ve been recommending this book from the start, and I’m still doing that today. Well worth the read.

Outcast #2

I can’t say that I’m completely sold on this book, I’ve got a bit of cynicism brewing towards it. There’s a good deal of story going on that could be pretty interesting, you got your devils and your demons and your possessions, with lots of mysteries surrounding the main character, but something doesn’t sit right for me… A lot of the criticism you see aimed towards Mark Millar is that he doesn’t write comics, he just writes movie pitches in the form of comics, and in a post The Walking Dead TV show world, this book just seems like it was here to be a TV pitch, and oh hey, guess what’s getting made into a TV show soon? Something just seems disingenuous about this book to me and I can’t seem to get the feeling that this could be another series that goes on for a long time like Invincible or The Walking Dead. All that said, I still think the story is enjoyable, but I’m in this for the comics, not the TV show. 

Black Science #7

Fuck, man. This is how you come back from a standard Image hiatus, just balls to the wall action leaving things on a big cliff hanger. For one, I don’t think the cliffhanger is genuine, the kids are probably fine somehow, but it still left a big impact ending things like that after two or three months off. Damn. As for the actual story, characters, whatever else, Kadir takes center stage this issue, and I loved it. Initially you think Kadir is a total scumfuck, but then he shows these moments of where he comes off almost nobel… but he’s still a scumfuck. This issue fills in some of his backstory, and we learn of his code of not making many promises, but keeping the ones he makes. The dude is complex! Remender certainly has got me begrudgingly liking this asshole, but I know at one point he’s going to do some slimy fuck move again, and make me regret warming up to him.

Fatale #24

Endings on books are weird, I don’t really know what to say about them in general, because I mean… the story certainly ended and the creators did what they set out to do… there you go. Fatale was always a sort of creepy ambiguous book, and I’m glad that even though we’ve been getting reveals in this final arc, Jo is still somewhat of a mystery, and that’s okay. The occult stuff is just that, weird occult stuff, it doesn’t have to make total sense because of what it is, and it’s best to just go with it, which is how I always approached reading this book. Everything wrapped up well enough and ended on a somewhat sobering note, as one would expect (who’s expecting a happy ending for this book?) and now I’m just left looking forward to The Fade Out next month.


  1. It's definitely Cold's blood that Lex is after, probably in an effort that will create the Amazo Virus.
    I did not expect The Wake to end with ideas that far out, and I loved it. I believe the humans kept the Mers in check.
    I just knew they were gonna end Uncanny X Men just before they got to the juicy parts, and yet it still drove me crazy in a good way.
    I thought John's investigation in COWL was the best part of the issue, especially that cliffhanger.

  2. Uncanny X-men # 24 though I enjoyed it I do not see the relation between what is happening here and the current original sin arc. I feel like this should be a story on its own rather than part of the original sin arc.